Zinc deficiency harm, baby how it?

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zinc is an essential trace elements in the human body, many people know that zinc deficiency is harmful to health, but the role of zinc in the end what is it? What is the specific harm caused by zinc deficiency? Just let the baby do not love to eat it? As for zinc, let's take a look at it!

zinc on the baby what role?

first, zinc is an important trace element to maintain the normal growth and development of children. Zinc is involved in the synthesis and activity of many enzymes such as carbonic anhydrase, DNA polymerase, RNA polymerase and so on. If children's zinc supply is sufficient, cystine, methionine, glutathione, endocrine hormones and other synthetic metabolism can be normal. Therefore, can maintain the metabolism and bone metabolism in children with central nervous system, to safeguard and promote children's physical (such as height, weight, head circumference and chest circumference) growth and brain development, sexual development and sexual maturity were normal. Zinc is an important trace element to maintain the normal growth and development of children

second, zinc can ensure that the baby's normal appetite. First, zinc allows the baby to maintain normal taste and smell, so that the baby has appetite. This is because the taste of taste is a zinc containing protein, which has a role in the differentiation of taste buds and the combination of taste substances and taste buds. Once zinc deficiency, children will appear abnormal taste, affect appetite, resulting in poor digestion.

third, so that the baby's immune function is maintained at normal levels, so that the baby's resistance to disease. Zinc is a trace element for the most obvious immune immune organs, except directly promote children's thymus and lymph nodes, the development function, have the ability to direct against some bacteria and viruses, thus reducing the chance of disease in children.

fourth, to maintain the normal development of children's vision level. To participate in the metabolism and physiological function of vitamin A in children, which has a good effect on the maintenance of normal dark adaptation and improvement of low vision.

fifth, let the baby's skin to maintain normal function. Zinc also protects the normal development of skin and mucous membrane, can promote the healing of wounds and ulcers, prevent hair loss and rough skin, epithelial keratosis.

baby zinc deficiency what harm?

zinc can ensure the normal appetite of the baby when the baby is still in the womb, until the baby is 3 years old at this stage, zinc deficiency on the baby's brain development will pose a great threat, this is because the body will reduce the number of brain cells in zinc deficiency. According to the nutrition survey, some congenital Daisha children, when excluding genetic factors, zinc deficiency is one of the important reasons. Outside the

, if the baby zinc deficiency, it will become a regular hospital". This is because the zinc deficiency will reduce immunity, so that the baby often sick. Zinc has a great impact on the bactericidal capacity of phagocytic cells, the study showed that in children with recurrent respiratory infection, the proportion of children with zinc deficiency was significantly higher than the normal baby. Clinical findings, injured children zinc deficiency when the wound healing slowly.

baby zinc deficiency how to fill?

first, to ensure that the baby has adequate zinc intake, please try to breastfeed. Breast milk contains the promotion of infant growth and development of zinc, colostrum and zinc content is particularly rich, with the baby's growth, the zinc content in breast milk will be reduced. If the baby is artificial feeding, the mother will need to give the baby to add supplementary food on time, and pay attention to supplement zinc rich foods.

second, when the baby can eat normal food, moderate intake of zinc for zinc rich food is the most effective. For example, crude grains are rich in zinc, seafood is rich in zinc, green vegetables are also rich in zinc.

third, also need to avoid excessive processing of food. Otherwise, the excessive processing will cause the zinc to suffer the destruction. So skilled mothers should pay attention to, in cooking, we must control the temperature and cooking time, to reduce the loss of zinc in food.

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