Alyssa Chia was acid consumption of her ex husband actually returned to 3 praise

Alyssa Chia consumption daughter Zhi Hao

wangyiyule· 2017-03-20 18:02:53

entertainment NetEase in March 20 reported according to Taiwan media "in the electronic newspaper" reported in March 20th. Artist Alyssa Chia 18, gave birth to three daughters "Bobo", at the same time ex sun Zhihao sun Tianlun music show, Indus sister to his birthday card, but questioned the time coincidence, someone to help him speak, don't think Alyssa Chia also did not expect consumption daughter speculation, Sun Zhihao replies 3 "like" map, causing the fans discontent, anger choking he did not grace, he is back up and yell friends.

Alyssa Chia gave birth to three child, Sun Zhihao also happy sun Indus sister wrote a greeting card, my father blessed meet this life the most wonderful girl ", he will cherish, see more netizens praised Alyssa Chia goddaughter properly, but questioned sun Zhihao time posting sensitive friends to help him speak," Alyssa Chia is also the consumer no daughter, who remember her daughter".

think Sun Zhihao would reply to the users a message, PO 3 "like" map, let users dissatisfied, have helped Alyssa Chia to speak, that he did not see the news, take the mouth, Sun Zhihao also took the opportunity to speak for themselves: "the news that domestic violence is violence? Did you see it with your own eyes? Friends ask if he recognize domestic violence? He went back, I just use your own logic to respond, there is no positive response, but he points like black ex-wife micro-blog, so that users are quite dissatisfied.

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