The boy suffering from congenital biliary atresia 94 after the mother decided to cut the liver to save the child

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from Maoming baby small Chen 5 months after birth was diagnosed with congenital biliary atresia, if not liver transplantation as soon as possible, you will enter the small typical end-stage liver function, because of variceal bleeding, hepatic coma and other complications and mortality. In March 2nd, in collaboration with the transplant center of Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University and a plurality of sections of the liver, small Calvin mother cut out 1/4 left liver transplantation to the small Chen body. According to the family doctor online, this is Southern China's first cross blood group parent liver transplant in children.

children with jaundice yellow

such as clay figurine Chen Chen's 22 year old mother, is a 94. Chen was born after the jaundice did not subside, attracted her attention. After the birth of the child jaundice did not subside, taken to a local hospital for examination, the doctor said cholestasis, lived for a week. "Little Chen Chen's mother said.

but after several treatment, small Chen did not improve the symptoms of jaundice. Dragged on for nearly a month, the small Chen all serious yellow, listlessness, rarely eat. In a few hospitals, the doctor was diagnosed with congenital biliary atresia, the need for liver transplantation treatment. When the small Chen has 5 months old.

" (Chen Chen Hospital of severe jaundice) Professor Yi Shuhong director of liver transplantation center of the Third Hospital Affiliated to Zhongshan University,

said, congenital biliary atresia is the newborn in Guangdong high incidence of the disease, neonatal illness of extrahepatic bile duct part or all of the occluded bile to the intestinal excretion, serious can affect life. If the parents found that the child does not subside jaundice, and white stool, it is likely to be congenital biliary atresia. Biliary atresia can not be implemented in the operation of the porta hepatis, the children will be at the end of 7 to 18 months of age into the typical end of liver function, due to cirrhosis, esophageal variceal bleeding and a series of complications and death.

referral for treatment of blood bilirubin has exceed the standard 30 times children

in February this year, the small Chen parents holding the last glimmer of hope with his son came to the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University center of liver transplantation treatment. Experts believe that after examination, liver transplantation is the only treatment means small chen.

"when the child was sent to the hospital, ascites has been very serious, there is the phenomenon of frog belly, bulging stomach. After the examination found that blood bilirubin has been as high as 600μ mol/, 30 times higher than the normal children. "Easy Shuhong professor describes the small Chen transferred the case.

due to the progress of the small Chen rapid disease, can not wait until a suitable donor source for liver. In this case, the experts decided to implement the relatives to donate liver living donor liver transplantation, liver resection of the small Chen will be bad, the parents of a healthy part of liver transplantation.

cut liver save the son after 94 mother donated 1/4 liver

through expert assessment, small Chen mother for split liver donor liver surgery, but blood and small mom does not meet chen. This brings new problems to the operation.

"mother's blood type is A, but the child's blood type is O, and the father's liver is not suitable for liver donors. "Easy Shuhong professor said, small Chen and her blood type does not match, there is a certain operation rejection, if not control, after the operation the small Chen will appear fever and other symptoms, which is unfavorable for the treatment of the child.

experts after serious discussion, that small Calvin younger than 1 years old, the immune system is not perfect, the suppression in the treatment of perioperative management and immune fine, cause of incompatible blood group after rejection is controllable. The final decision of parent liver transplant with mother left 25% of the liver. This is the first case of Southern China Cross blood group parent liver transplant in children.

"the child is in, everything is in. If my liver can save the child, do not say that one in 4, even if the whole liver to him I would also like to. "Small Calvin mom said, relatives advised him to give up the child, a young regeneration, but she refused. Although he put all sorts of things together borrowed money, she is still worried about the cost of surgery. Finally, under the support of the hospital and the liver transplant fund, the operation cost is not more than 150 thousand.

experts called for organ transplantation should be included in health insurance

small Chen's liver transplant was carried out very smoothly. After 10 hours of operation, the small Chen finally out of the operation room. Cut the liver after a week, Chen mother also fully recovered.

" (postoperative rehabilitation and good

) Professor Yi Shuhong said that the small Chen young age, liver blood vessels and bile ducts as thin as hair. But the small Chen sent to hospital when the disease is very serious, very poor coagulation function. With a needle after half an hour, the blood can not stop. If the operation bleeding, for the child is fatal, because the baby's body blood is very small. High quality

bile duct anastomosis makes mother's liver in the baby body soon play a function of liver and kidney function after 10 days of small Chen has been completely normal. Now after two days, the small Chen can be discharged.

a lot of parents in children with congenital biliary atresia, always feel that the pain is not as long as short pain, simply give up treatment. There are also some parents because

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