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[] who reported observation of comprehensive network Korea previously signalled to the WTO complaints Chinese anti Sade measures last week, they quietly implemented. According to the Reuters reported on 20, the South Korean trade minister Zhou Henghuan (Joo Hyung Hwan resources) today (20 days) said last week, the South Korean government has China for "Sade" into the Han to take retaliatory action "to the World Trade Organization (WTO) complaint.

in fact, in March 7th, for the South Korean officials said the WTO should complain to China, foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang has made it clear that the Chinese approach is completely legal.

in addition, the deployment of the SA system for South Korea, China's Ministry of foreign affairs has repeatedly said that the German side of the strategic balance of damage to the region, not conducive to maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula, should immediately stop the deployment process.

on the Korean enterprises in China, the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs has repeatedly said that the Chinese government welcomes foreign companies, including South Korean companies to invest in China, will protect their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law. At the same time, foreign companies operating in China must comply with the law.

Korea to China WTO complaints "retaliation" Korean enterprises

Zhou Henghuan in response to South Korea Chinese Congress about the deployment of anti missile system thad said, "we have been notified to the WTO, China may violate some trade agreement".

" the South Korean trade minister Zhou Henghuan (Joo Hyung Hwan resources)

Zhou Henghuan claimed that South Korea decided to deploy THAAD system, Chinese in tourism, retail and other sectors of the economy of South Korean enterprises have implemented restrictions; the authorities do not rule out future, China will then the implementation of other restrictive measures in each anti missile system deployment phase, so that Chinese may have been in violation of the relevant provisions of the WTO, so South Korea has in the last week to the WTO complaints.

but there seems to be no conclusive evidence in korea. South Korean finance minister, Liu Yihao said that if South Korea want to go to court, you need to come up with evidence, but has not yet mastered any evidence, therefore cannot take action. He stressed that, if necessary, South Korea will "confidently" take action against china.

in addition, Zhou Henghuan also said that the South Korean government will fully safeguard the rights of Korean enterprises to ensure that they will not be treated unfairly, the authorities will also work with China to maintain cooperation and communication. At

days ago in Germany in the group of twenty (G20) during the finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, Liu Yihao originally planned to discuss on the China and finance minister Xiao Jie meeting, stressed the importance of economic and trade cooperation between China and South Korea, but was told that because China cannot arrange the agenda ".

, Korea's finance minister Liu Yihao

Yonhap comments that China's move is a big blow to South Korea to solve thad storm efforts through diplomatic means.

Korea established "China trade damage special assistance group"

Yonhap quoted South Korean trade association data show that the establishment of the 8 June China Trade Center victims within 10 days received a total of 67 complaints from 60 companies, called for China to take "counter measures" suffered economic losses. Relevant person in charge of the association, said the company is paying close attention to the damage, to provide on-site consulting services to enterprises, and through the relevant agencies to support the project, to minimize the loss of business.

" at present, the South Korean government to provide low interest loans to the enterprises involved, to extend the existing debt limit, and help the affected enterprises to promote trade and market diversification.

South Korea's KBS television reported on 17, the Ministry of industry convened 11 major industries of semiconductor, automotive, petrochemical, and KOTRA, South Korea Trade Insurance Corporation etc. the government's trade promotion agency, to discuss the "Trade Dilemma and thad into Han" caused by the road, and launch "China trade damaged special assistance group".

according to the Global Times reported, "the first step special assistance mission work is through the 14 export assistance center and set up in the city of South Korea Chinese 17 Trade Center Inventory and statistics for Chinese anti SA measures and damage specific Korean enterprises, and should be the other case.

3 6 July arrived in South Korea's Sade system equipment includes two sets of launcher

next, the agency will give South Korean companies to provide free to China counter-measures consulting services, and plans to start the policy aid projects, to the relevant enterprises provide emergency operation stability maintenance funds. In addition, the special aid mission will also be devoted to the development of new markets to replace China's plan.

foreign ministry: China practice fully in accordance with the law

3 month 7, foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang at a regular press conference, "he said South Korea should Chinese of Korean enterprises to implement trade protectionist measures to appeal to the World Trade Organization" question: "for South Korea related people" complain ", I want to say is that the government welcomes China including South Korea enterprises, foreign enterprises to invest in China to protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign enterprises in china. At the same time, the relevant enterprises operating in China must comply with the law. China's approach is completely

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