Samsung S8 official chart to look at the Super Screen accounted for

Samsung big screen earphone official

tengxunshuma· 2017-03-21 07:07:37

digital news Tencent (blue) although the Samsung GALAXY S8 has a large number of real and renderings exposure, but whether the final design is Public opinions are divergent. Now, Slashleaks is the first foreign website brought the alleged GALAXY S8 official propaganda pictures, looks not very different from what we see with the previous appearance, even part of the opening of mobile phone forehead is still very obvious, and the left and right sides of the fuselage button is more prominent, rounded with hyperbolic display will support 18:9 the aspect ratio, but the price than the previous generation of products rose 100 euros.

although the official propaganda figure exposure according to foreign websites Slashleaks claims that the leaked official propaganda figure is Samsung GALAXY S8, but it seems to look after we see the appearance model rendering or machine model does not have what difference, just in the lock screen under the condition, there is not a virtual Home key, but the phone and camera button. In addition, the so-called official publicity publicity also shows GALAXY S8 forehead part of the hole is more obvious, while the fuselage on both sides of the button is also more prominent than the exposure of the machine model.

" and according to the Samsung insiders @ V Galant in micro-blog's statement, Samsung GALAXY S8 forehead perforated the hide done perfectly, under normal circumstances can see two, more than two I lose. Then the small area, the integration of multi Sensor, difficulties, Art beats nature. Therefore, at least from the forehead of the cell phone processing point of view, the authenticity of the exposure of the publicity seems to want to play some discount.


three features worth mentioning is that the Samsung GALAXY S8 series officially released before the official Samsung has officially announced the Bixby voice assistant of the machine equipped with the function, and also confirmed the Bixby voice assistant button will be mounted on the side of the fuselage GALAXY S8. As for the main features of this feature, broke the news of the @i ice universe on micro-blog for our simple summary, will include the following three characteristics.

first is the integrity of the Bixby, which will support almost all tasks and system programs. Secondly, it has the ability of context awareness, the ability to understand the semantics of the context, the command of operation and good memory. Finally, the ability to tolerate cognitive, have a good understanding of the ability to understand incomplete information. In addition, @i ice universe also said that Samsung is creating a revolutionary human-computer interaction interface, but it takes some time, so the second half of the upcoming GALAXY Note 8 will have a better performance. The original

AKG class= headset exposure

" in addition, foreign websites Slashleaks also disclosed some configuration of the Samsung GALAXY S8 and S8 specifications of Plus, including the Super AMOLED screen is equipped with 5.8 inches QHD resolution (S8 Plus 6.2 inches), the ratio of 18:9 display support or, equipped with 835 Xiaolong Exynos 8895 processor, with 8 million pixel front camera and a 12 million pixel camera, as with the battery capacity is 3000mAh (S8 Plus 3500mAh), provides a storage capacity of 64GB (S8 Plus 128GB), supported by a fingerprint to unlock, iris recognition and use USB-C interface. The Android 7.1.1 system is installed.

" it is worth noting that, although compared to the Samsung GALAXY S8 series of the price of the previous generation of products rose 100 euros, but they were equipped with expensive AKG headset, and now is not only the exposure of the spy photos, and in accordance with the @i ice universe "(the headset) is not only the hardware, including the mixer is AKG to do, after all, their products, God oil is inevitable". This may mean that in the future GALAXY S8 will have unusual performance in the sound quality.

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Samsung S8 official chart to look at the Super Screen accounted for

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