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meirijingjixinwen· 2016-05-03 00:51:11

an industry source told reporters that the net red era is really coming, but there is a mature business logic is also only a few assets such as live broadcast, which is the vast majority of other assets are speculation.

on the practice of listed companies over the point of view, live = net red economy.

net red asset profitability rare

network is an inevitable phenomenon of the development of the network, while also restructuring the red star industry and the attention of the economy. Papi sauce is how to rise is not important, it is important that the concept of network is indeed "moved" a lot of companies. Liu Yan told reporters said that the Internet is the attention economy, attention in where, where there are opportunities, "now there are specialized to do network red advertising sales company, a year to earn tens of millions of company is not a digit".

all kinds of information shows that the new trend began.

is the new trend, and promote the sensitive sense of smell of listed companies actively involved in the network red economy. But net red economy is not everyone has a cup of drink, the real profit is the industry's first few and stood on the industry's enterprises.

with the most fiery live video, for example, the entire industry is the main profit point from virtual gifts (fans), advertising only a small part of the. It is understood that the inventor of the virtual gift - Songcheng performing arts 90% six of the room's income from virtual gifts. Liu Yan pointed out: from the advertising business, the advertisers to advertise on television, will be based on the value of different TV stations and channels to put. Advertisers to advertise on the Internet, according to the amount paid by click. We are no longer accept click on the amount of advertising. "The reason why

chose to give up, because every time the user will jump to the public number or web site advertising, making the flow of the broadcast platform streaming. Although this kind of advertising in the future there will be a considerable income, but at this stage, the platform is more concerned about the accumulation of traffic. More than six rooms, many other broadcast platforms have chosen to give up advertising, so as to ensure that the platform page clean, affinity". Liu Yan explained to reporters: "in fact, the virtual gift is advertising. Net friends to send gifts, in addition to express appreciation, he (she) also appeared on the screen - this is advertising. "

from another point of view, the profit model of a single video broadcast platform - a reward. The result is a single platform must have a "rising star" - class anchor. Therefore, the distribution of interests between the platform and anchor has become a core issue. Generally speaking, broadcast platform in addition to the in play to admire the income with most of the outside, no longer share the popular anchor their advertising, endorsement and other income, "on 'exploit' net red money, compressed platform revenue and profit space, not in a hurry".

listed companies do more to follow the trend of red

this also means that the video broadcast platform to stabilize anchor groups, big platform as the first priority, the real harvest period is still in the future. Broadcast platform, net red related industry chain is also the case in other aspects, and there is no possibility of profitability of some links.

moment, listed companies involved in a variety of ways to network red economy. From the network red incubator to network red brokerage and then to the network red IP, listed companies are involved. Relevant personage to reporters pointed out: "net red 'shelf-life' about three months, incubator of red even each month to reach 10, a year up to 110, compared to millions of magnitude red, this can have what use, there will be how much revenue? Net red brokerage, net red IP is zero income. 'Papi sauce' is just a name, not the brand, talk about the follow-up IP development is too early. Even more interesting is that some of the listed companies in an attempt to use packaging and packaging of traditional stars such as red, head into the water. In the visible within a year, the real network red economy big players only platform. "

Ai Rui consulting analyst also said that the network red industry chain in some areas still need to try. He said: "net red 'shelf-life' is not long, in fact as long as the attention economy, need to constantly have new contents to stimulate the point, if only personal charm, or rely on some expertise, it is difficult to form a long-term concern. Competitiveness if we, mutatis mutandis, the stars of the past mode, they tend to be a team, will continue to star gives some new things, maintain a star, but now red if there is no mature team estimated is very difficult to do this. So if reticulocyte brokerage firm to do, I think must be decentralized, and constantly updated, with decentralization and continuous innovation, to digest a single network red success or failure of the risk and the growth cycle of risk. "

at present, almost without exception, the listed companies involved in the broadcast platform, the location of high coincidence rate, highlights the lack of. The personage inside course of study points out, companies that specialize in reticulocyte advertising sales is actually very promising business, but there is no listed company to seek these assets, "says that not knowledgeable follow suit".

according to "red week" reporter combing, in the involvement of the listed companies in the red economy, net red plate business is mostly in the initial stage of operation, and no profit. In the direct acquisition of red assets of the company, only the Songcheng Performing Arts in the first quarter of last year to obtain substantial growth, the number of broadcast business platform anchor number of more than 130 thousand people. < p > and in difficult to profit, relevant personage to reporters said the another concern: "there is no standard reticulocyte asset valuation, a registered capital of 300 million mark, the valuation of billions of dollars, the real value of the money it? "The person pointed out that this acquisition allows some people to quickly realized that listed companies can take to push up the stock price," suspected of assets realized, the benefits of transportation". Therefore, he pointed out that the regulatory authorities to deal with this type of asset acquisitions to increase supervision.

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