The burn storm Technology Holdings, the layout of the new business VR next?

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jiadianwang· 2016-05-03 01:14:55


[grid hea 2016 May 2, micro letter original] not long ago, the storm Technology (300431.SZ) disclosure of the first quarter of 2016 report shows that storm technology to achieve operating income in the current period of 1.9 billion yuan, an increase of 105.76%; a net profit of $339 million, compared to the same period losses into profit. />

storm mirror, in the use and development of windstorm image sound exclusive mirror application and ordinary film can be to achieve the theater the view effect. According to the home network (WeChat public number: jiadianwangHEA) survey showed that the storm mirror has launched the fourth generation products. However, the Group Chairman and CEO Feng Xin storm has said that each release of a new generation of new products, will produce the last generation of products immediately throw away the idea. The update rate is equal to 100 days in the future, every 100 days will have function, content updates. Look at the products before, you do feel terrible.

compared to before the launch of the storm mirror version, storm mirror 4 have done a great change, such as the introduction of a suitable for the market mainstream smart phone version. However, the fourth generation is more like to make up for the defect of the previous generation, the product itself is no more creative. Four generations of the mirror is more enhanced virtual reality concepts with the level of capital to build the concept of "virtual reality", customer demand and product between the reality still exist great differences.

anxious to get the storm in the capital market recognition, rushing to offer storm mirror, like gorgeous packaging concept of a virtual reality, launched a market acceptance is not high degree of products. But storm mirror deliberately imagine a bright future, but avoided even hide the sobering reality -- the product must be matched with the market, the concept of speculation and blind update products ultimately didn't have long to live. />


on the market, mainstream VR equipment removed Samsung gear, the other three oculus rift, HTC, Sony are the main game function, the strict sense these product attributes still as a niche product, did not extend to the public domain. But the positioning of the VR technology is not limited in the show imagination and tectonic stress, the VR will change human life is the main reason is that VR is mankind to create a new way to receive information, and not become in order to gain market recognition and hurried out of the concept of speculation products.

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