World sleep day! Report on the status quo of Chinese youth sleep! Do you sleep well?

Sleep Chinese youth present situation report

haiziqikan· 2017-03-21 14:34:43

3 21 is the world sleep day, China Sleep Research Association released "2017 days before the Chinese youth sleep situation report", "sleep" has become the hope of young people. Some experts said that China's young people's sleep situation is not optimistic, especially irregular work and rest, the potential harm to the body.

only 1/4 respondents slept well

of the scope of this investigation included 10 to 45 year olds, investigated a total of nearly 60 thousand people. From the overall point of view of sleep, 76% of respondents said it was difficult to sleep, of which more than 13% of people even feel in a state of pain, only about 24% of respondents said the overall good sleep. Among them, "a day" who is God's pet, and this "heartless" youth is only 11%, other respondents said they would wake up the middle of the night.

China young people's sleep quality is not high, said "wake up after charging" only 5.6% of respondents; and don't sleep enough, "or" sleep but still tired "up to 91% of respondents. Many respondents admitted that good or bad sleep depends on the pressure of work, work pressure, sleep well.

is in conflict with sleep, sleep is definitely not the first choice. According to the survey, more than 60% of respondents will sacrifice sleep time to complete the work. To make matters worse, even if the overtime to complete the work, they still do not choose to sleep, but the east turn to look at the west, suffering from a serious sleep delay, was reluctant to send away the day.

highly educated people are more concerned about health, self-discipline is also strong, so the control of sleep better. However, on the whole, the regular life and rest of the respondents accounted for only 5%.

" pregnant women lack of sleep easy:


induced abortion during pregnancy because of lack of sleep will make the nervous system excessive tension, and emotional will also be affected, the function of the system regulating the body's influence, the fetus will appear early peeling phenomenon, causing miscarriage.

2. can make fetal birth defects in women in early pregnancy if

does not regulate good sleep, and also need to face the pregnancy reaction, will make the organization function of the body is a very big impact, will appear fetal lip distortion, jaw cleft lip phenomenon, so female friends also need to pay much attention in the early stages of pregnancy.


on fetal brain development because of lack of sleep for women, is a very big impact on the nervous system of fetal development, if the time is too long, can affect fetal brain development, and fetal birth weight than normal condition is light.

4. fetal prone to congenital deficiencies of

pregnant female friends and lack of sleep can cause fetal organ dysplasia, especially heart organ susceptible to the fetus after birth are susceptible to these diseases, for later development is very bad.

5. affects the normal production of

during pregnancy, if lack of sleep, especially in prenatal causes lack of physical strength, make the female phenomenon exhaustive appeared in the time of birth, may cause dystocia phenomenon, so women need to be careful. Because of lack of sleep effects during pregnancy on postpartum health

, will not only increase the burden of the body organ function, also there are some effects in the heart, in the postpartum depression is very easy to occur, and the resistance is weak, easily struck by complication, so the quality of women can not be ignored in pregnancy and sleep.

pregnant women do not eat what is good?


millet slightly cold, sweet, can stomach sleep in. Millet porridge, bedtime, easy to sleep peacefully.


because of fatigue and insomnia, can eat some apples, bananas, pears and other fruits, these fruits are alkaline food, has the role of anti muscle fatigue.

Suanzaoren porridge Suanzaoren 15 grams; mashed boiled juice dregs, add appropriate amount of rice congee, at bedtime, the curative effect of insomnia and palpitations.

because of irritability irritability and difficult to fall asleep, you can drink a cup of sugar. Fructose can be converted into a large number of serotonin in the body, the brain in a timely manner, so that the cerebral cortex was inhibited and into the sleep state. There are two kinds of substances can be hypnotic "img_box"

milk milk, one is able to sleep in order to promote the synthesis of serotonin tryptophan, and another is with similar natural morphine substances anesthesia sedation.

when drinking milk can add a little sugar, because tryptophan in milk is difficult to enter the brain, if you add sugar, can help the tryptophan into the brain, before going to bed drink a cup can let mom sleep more soundly.

sunflower sunflower seeds contain a variety of amino acids and vitamins, can regulate the brain cells The new supersedes the old. improve the function of brain cells, inhibit the bedtime nibbling some sunflower seeds, can God in the town of Jingan, promote sleep.

and sunflower similar food and honey

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