Kathleen: 16000 yuan to buy Computer ready to accept professional criticism

Kathleen professional computer heroes Union

17173youxi· 2017-03-21 18:14:35

LOL" hero alliance, micro-blog for Kathleen LOL unparalleled fans on the computer, presumably Kathleen want to change a computer, but we give out from the ash list can be seen, this configuration should 16000+ cost, is worthy of the second anchor.

LOL": "we can show the unique Kathleen moment again! Look at this configuration is not a problem? Or have a better plan! "

"let's look at the cost of this computer: Kathleen i7 processor is 1950 yuan, 2 yuan, GTX1080 4900 32G memory card will ashes 4000 yuan, plus the remaining configuration, second anchor LOL the computer takes Kathleen 16380 yuan!

players have said that this configuration will not play Minesweeper minesweeper. Lying elder brother said that this configuration is estimated to play the two mine will not card!

" in the commentary that many game player ash on Titan, Titan is not a hero? Why go to the Titans? Know how to say.

" in addition, LOL Kathleen why claiming second anchor? Previously, there have been a small game, to Bo eye said Kathleen is the second anchor, brother know are intellectually mercilessly lampooned. Since then, ash is also self anchor line! (this small series is not the lie)

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