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is recognized as one of the couple (also can be said to be husband and wife), a Barbarian King, a tribal princess is married. However, AI so beautiful and noble, I love this five seconds man.


" as another pair of lovers, they belong to different camps, the fate is also started on the battlefield. Galen saved Carter's life, then constantly touching. One is the imperial general, one is the general daughter, is also a very good match.

TOP-3 wood Anne

" two little guys, puppy love! Love for ignorant summoners can try this combination, both have to appear in the skin, nouveau riche may consider the purchase of open black. Why a wood has been crying? Anne could love her cubs a little more than a wood, not happy.

TOP-2 small

" the two game player believe many know, Valentine's Day gift to have them. Two Meng (micro-blog) the little guy, but this is a bit difficult to distinguish gender.

TOP-1 card class= male gun widow

card and gay male gun get good, was the widow cross a hand, a gun to kill male jealousy widow card. But it seems that the men and Anne also have a little ambiguous relationship, uncle and Lolita, which the relationship is too complicated, too complicated...

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