China's air pollution spread to Japan and South Korea cited local dissatisfaction?


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ask: Vice Premier Wang Yang the day before an official visit to Philippines, the Philippines reached a series of cooperation in economic and trade fields. China's Deputy Prime Minister Wang Yang's visit to comment? Answer:

is the ocean Deputy Prime Minister's visit to the Philippines Philippine relations last year to achieve a comprehensive improvement since Chinese leaders first visit to the Philippines, to implement the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, to push bilateral comprehensive and pragmatic cooperation, promote the sustained and in-depth development of bilateral relations.

during the visit, Vice Premier Wang Yang met with President Duthel Te, held talks with Philippine cabinet economic management team, attended the "Chinese ASEAN tourism cooperation in the opening ceremony, Premier Li Keqiang read the message and speech, attended the" Philippine economic and trade cooperation forum, small business investment and Trade Fair "plenary meeting and published the keynote speech, inspected the Davao City ports, airports and other infrastructure projects. The visit by the Philippines attaches great importance to and the warm reception, the two sides to deepen bilateral cooperation in trade and investment, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism and other fields reached important consensus and results, a strong impetus to the development of bilateral relations continue to improve, visit a complete success.

Philippines is China's traditional friendly neighbors, China attaches great importance to Sino Philippine relations. The leaders of the two countries have a high degree of consensus on adhering to the good neighborly and friendly cooperation between China and the philippines. The next step, China is willing to work with the Philippines joint efforts to implement the important consensus of the two heads of state, and constantly enhance mutual political trust, to carry out in-depth cooperation, accelerate common development, for the benefit of the two peoples, promoting regional peace and development.

: is reported that the Trump administration says it is considering imposing more sanctions on North Korea, , isolated from the international financial system. how do you comment on this?

answer: the current situation on the Korean Peninsula is very tense, can be said to be at loggerheads, which does not conform to the interests of any party. During recent U.S. Secretary of state Tillerson's visit to China, or to attend the annual meeting of the China Development Forum, foreign minister Wang Yi has carried out an in-depth exposition, clearly shows the Chinese position. At present, the situation on the Korean Peninsula has stood at a new crossroads, nothing more than two prospects. One is about a mutual show, let the fight continue to upgrade, eventually lead to conflict and even war; the other is all calm down, and work together to solve the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula to the political and diplomatic track. The nuclear issue in the framework of the six party talks have made important positive progress, once in 2005 reached 9· 19 joint statement, North Korea first promised to abandon all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear program, provides a roadmap for gradual political solution to the Korean nuclear issue. In the current situation, which prospects outweigh the disadvantages, which path is feasible, as long as calm and rational, it is not difficult to make wise judgments and choices.

minister Wang Yi said that as long as the dialogue is likely to seize, as long as there is hope of peace should not give up. In order to ease tensions, the Chinese side proposed to promote the denuclearization of the peninsula and the establishment of a peace mechanism on the peninsula, the two track approach as well as the double suspension initiative. We hope that all parties to seriously consider China's proposal to calm down, to work together to find a way out of the crisis, the crisis as an opportunity to put the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula as soon as possible back to the right track through the peaceful resolution of dialogue and negotiation, which is the most common interests of all parties.

I would also like to add that the United Nations Security Council has adopted a resolution on the DPRK, China is a comprehensive, strict and serious implementation. Sanctions are to implement the resolution, and in view of the Security Council resolutions also explicitly called for the resumption of the six party talks, we believe that in the current circumstances, to promote talks is also to implement the Security Council resolutions. Q:

said the Indonesian police, Interpol has on 3 Chinese executives suspected of fraud issued a "red warrant for ", said and SINOPEC are associated in a project in Indonesia . Do you have any comment on this?

answer: I saw the report, do not understand the situation.

asked: the recent Chinese neighboring countries such as South Korea, the Japanese people to their strong> < / national air pollution on the diffusion of China expressed dissatisfaction. What is China's response? Does the Chinese government communicate with the relevant government ?

: air pollution is indeed the problem that the Chinese government is trying to deal with. In the just concluded "two sessions" Premier Press Conference, Premier Li Keqiang on the issue of the Chinese government's position on this issue. The Chinese government is committed to making the Chinese people enjoy more blue sky and clean air as soon as possible. It also takes a process to solve this problem. As far as

is concerned, China's air pollution affects the neighboring countries, which requires scientific and professional research and demonstration

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