A moment of life and death roar! This handsome guy after 90 popular network

Network a sound guy death

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3 on the evening of 16 August, a car accident occurred in Jiangxi city of Nanchang Province, a car broke down the fence, and has two cars collided on the road, killing one person injured. Shortly after the accident, the car burned up and the passengers were trapped inside.

in this critical moment, a more than and 20 year old handsome guy ran toward the burning of the vehicle, he shouted hysterically: save ah!" From the burning fire, pulled out 3 young people stuck in the car.

the name of the young man, regardless of personal safety, from the burning fire out of 3 were stuck in the car on the youth.

in the fire of the charity moved a city, in particular, the voice of the cry of the "save ah", let a person more moved to!

users point of praise for him: "

" this young man called promise, thanks face reporters and their families, promised not to repeat, "I am not a hero" "I just do since Things to do".

" perhaps a lot of people think this is a promise to show modesty, but if you understand his past, you will understand why he said so.

promises to save the footprint of

promise, was born in September 1, 1994, Jiangxi, Nanchang.

2011 from December to November 2016, he is the Chinese people's Armed Police Force Beijing city fire brigade soldiers. In November 2016, the reserve SERGEANT RANK retired.

to take off his uniform, he is like this: "

" at present, he is in sales and works in a Nanchang car 4S shop.

16 evening, promised to meet with friends in Bayi square. Drive through the old Fushan interchange, heard someone shouting in the roadside car. did not think much, no fear, too late to think so much. I heard someone shouting for help."

at the scene, promised to be the first person to dial 110. At the same time, passing taxi drivers and passengers also spontaneously help call 119 and so on call for help.

" if not the fire fighters, I will try to "

was asked whether the fire soldiers trained in rescue work, promised a little smile: "I don't know feel shy. At that moment, it was instinct."

in the interview scene, promised to be facing a dozen media, laughing, said he could take advantage of the toilet to recover the gap mother phone. A reporter asked, if not fire fighters, you will do it?"

90 after the young man answered frankly and beautiful: , even if it is not a fire fighter, I will do my best."

, it is understood that this is not the first time the promise of life and death.

promised to participate in the Tianjin explosion rescue

won three

"8 - 12" Tianjin after the explosion, as the first batch of Beijing fire promised reinforcements Tianjin power, he was responsible for the operation of fire explosion in UAV, the core area of distance the most dangerous, the most serious place, risked operating UAVs, filmed the precious first-hand aerial video, provides an important support for the combat command decision. these aerial images, but also for the first time publicly disclosed aerial information. Promise therefore won the individual three.

this military character allows users to admire!

friends said, promised to retire without color, this color is the military character!

" good boy!

for this moment of life and death roar a little praise!

for the 90 young people point praise!

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A moment of life and death roar! This handsome guy after 90 popular network

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