Do you laugh at people and ugly people laugh at you poor?


shangpinshijie· 2016-05-03 02:34:55

< p > many times, some stars are user seize the ridicule attacks even for some physical imperfections, looks like Guo Jingming's height, Venus, gender, Qian Feng of head circumference, Wang Sicong. For the stars, no matter how famous, how rich, the body can not be changed, but this does not mean that they will accept other people's comments, which some clever reply also is to let users have nothing to say.

Guo Jingming's height may be the star in ridicule most, whenever he made some friends not to taste it, users first strike is his height, what is only the door Gao Shaoxu, what Yao Ming is 3 years old the daughter are taller than he is, but Guo Jingming hit back, and often full of helpless also filled with emotion: no one has the right to laugh at people born with, what can not be changed, such as the origin, appearance, gender, disability … … when you do, you are standing in the before the mirror, you laugh more happily, the mirror reflects the more you twist more ugly, more real. "

or comment on the eye not see the heart is not irritated and unified response:" ridicule my height I OK ah, but users have less Xu Ming piece is really quite funny. I this micro-blog is for a friend sent around, her experience is too unfair. Not all people can be free and easy, ignore, self deprecating, sometimes I would care, will be sad. No matter who says "seriously you lose ', you don't understand why others will seriously, because you no pain. "

as we all know, the tongue of Venus can make entertainment any star frightened, if she wants, she can shelling any she see not pleasing to the eye of people and things, her outspoken won acclaim at the same time, suffered the attack a lot, SA Dingding has recently sent Bo propaganda Venus: everything is variable. A change in the status quo! There are people in the world who can change the gender, as long as the moment to change, no reason to change.

but not all star for the physical attack will make its offensive, some people use this computer, every day the brothers Qian Feng is a classic example of Qian Feng was no brothers team in every sense of presence, Yan, fame, only in situ reaction of soy sauce, but since the brothers ridicule head after quickly with his own label, he did not dislike, but also seize the stems, and enlarge it, almost a period of program turn out that, in the last day rise directly to a high position position after the revision, the premiere became number two, and Wang Han led the brothers every day, can not be said to be stained with the bulk of the light. Class= img_box "

is known as the national husband Wang Sicong can become a well-known network of red on a two word: money! In addition to my cool all luxury goods outside, even his pet second Kazakhstan is covered with famous brand, let netizens have lamented live better than a dog. But for president Wang is good at hand tearing a variety of star character, he also attracted a lot of attacks, many users have said: long so ugly, there is nothing crazy. But for this, didn't wait for the king of the president to make moves to have a fan to do for him of God the same answer: you laugh at somebody else ugly, people laugh at you poor? A word to let netizens speechless.

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Do you laugh at people and ugly people laugh at you poor?