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Millet TV artificial intelligence the whole people era

aifaner· 2017-03-22 07:32:51

really, for a long time, I've always felt that voice control is a useless feature.

early use of voice assistant on the phone, both the degree of recognition and practical level is not high. The use of voice recognition on other platforms, because the password is too rigid single, it is not easy to use.

millet millet TV held a press conference in March 21st, and many people predict the different conference protagonist is not after the CES officially unveiled the millet TV 4, but the main cost of the 4A series and voice search function.

in this version, the voice search function has become the absolute flagship TV millet. In simple terms the voice search can do what you can to search keywords, can press the photo name search, can find the film according to the star, in fact the real technical difficulty is not high, speech recognition keywords, then according to the keyword search can be. In addition to the above

voice search, which is the biggest progress in the use of millet TV voice search is further intelligent features. Users can search for any movie related to the stars, such as "I want to see the film directed by Xu Fan's husband", and further, can add more restrictions, I want to see the war film directed by her husband, Xu Fan". According to the presentation of the conference site, such a function can be achieved.

new search can perform fuzzy keyword search, for example, some users said "half pass", the machine will automatically determine whether the user with error correction and to search for "Mi months pass". At a time when the screen is suspended, the user can even say, who is in the picture, the picture of what the phone with the person, so that the function can be achieved in the conference site demo.

but it is worth noting that the conference site of demo film is "passing from your world" this one, love is not the fan according to the conference presentation judgment speech recognition function is able to fit a variety of films, rather than separate special processed materials.

if the voice function can not only in some special treatment sources, can understand the two semantic and character recognition in the picture content of millet TV, really smart. But they have to be tested.

is able to identify the semantic rather than a simple keyword search, for the use of voice to enhance the experience of the TV is still very large. Especially under the premise of the rich variety of network TV content. If you use only a few buttons of the remote control, can not be like a mobile phone through the keyboard input, the search process is very convenient to use voice. And television are generally home, home quiet environment for speech recognition accuracy and speed have a very good environment to ensure that the basic.

" in order to more convenient voice input, millet in this conference also launched the third generation of millet TV remote controller, a voice input button to increase above before the key. The Bluetooth remote control is a separate price of 99 yuan, but also with other box equipment.

finished the voice search this focus, look back at the TV main body, the so-called millet 4A, indeed from the price reflects the cost of this series characteristics. The overall design of the split TV can be retained, but the TV screen is not excessive pursuit and millet TV 4 as the record breaking thin.

to tell you the truth, this design of the home TV is very good, the big TV panel is too thin, always give a person a kind of fragile and do not feel at ease, especially when there is a naive child child, is more dangerous.

finally look at the configuration, millet TV 4A series is equipped with the sixth generation graphics engine, while supporting HDR10 and HLG, using Samsung, LG original panel, the display will be more clear, while supporting the eye care mode. With the support of AC router, online play more smoothly. With low-power Bluetooth 4.2, you can connect Bluetooth headset, mouse, joystick, etc., while millet TV 4A series supports Dolby and DTS, with 2GB+32GB memory combinations.

" is actually on the market performance of these smart TVs are similar, mainly depends on the final price, millet TV 43 inch 4A price 2099 yuan, 49 inch price 2599 yuan, 55 inches 3199 yuan, 65 inches 5699 yuan. From March 23 date in the whole channel sale.

from the price point of view, although the consumer electronics market in 2017 there is a trend of overall price increases, but millet TV 4A series of products or to maintain a good price.

finally again, if you want to start a speech recognition is the value of millet TV 4A, I strongly suggest you read some of real machine evaluation and make a decision, the conference site test results look very smart, really experience how to be tested.

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