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"how strong is

China's land-based ballistic missile? In 2016, after the liberation army of Dongfeng 41 missile, the Russian political and military Analysis Research Institute deputy director Alexander Beh Ramsey Xin will wrote that the Rockets China military strength is more powerful than the official public information, the overall strength may have with the Russian and U.S. land-based ballistic missile level is basically the same in some local areas, even beyond!

" but we still have to see, we China although land-based missile has been ranked in the world, but we have not strategic bombers, nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine level also still lags behind the two countries, if you really want to have the strength of strategic forces, or is lower than that of the two countries, will now list the world's most powerful strategic weapon of today.

third: B2 spirit stealth bombers

the current human development the most expensive combat aircraft, a stealth strategic bomber only, although the volume is huge, but the RCS is very small, imagine the plane the bomber quietly took off from the base station, arrived after the firing of 16 warheads of cruise missile is a terrible thing, today, no country can successfully track the whereabouts of the B-2 bomber, the technology is still in the incomparable, of course, no one is beyond the cost of US $2 billion 200 million.

second SS-18

: Satan intercontinental ballistic missile weapons or the Soviet Union in advanced technology and number less than the United States, but the power is unambiguous, a test was also equivalent to 50 million tons of giant bomb. Satan SS-18 intercontinental ballistic missile is an example, Satan is the NATO code, divided into single warhead and multiple warhead types, single warhead equivalent of up to 20 million to 25 million tons, only one warhead will be the country's northern law @ razed to the ground, is a kind of power of human history was officially installed. The biggest weapon. And like a demon like missile, the Soviet Union produced a total of up to 178, if the launch at the same time, less than half an hour after the entire European or American coastal areas will be completely destroyed. The first

": Ohio class nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine

and three-in-one nuclear strike force, ballistic missile nuclear submarine is hidden, the survival of the strongest, there are five rogue ballistic missile submarines of their own, but in the middle the performance, the most advanced, Ohio is undoubtedly the biggest deterrent level of the United States, because the United States launched missile submarine in the far advanced than the Soviet Union, therefore, Ohio level is only equivalent to the level of God by virtue of the Russian north wind 3/4, displacement 1/3 typhoon class ballistic missile can carry more than the two.

" and the sleek, not as the Russian submarine hump is much better, so quiet, in all 18 ships of the Ohio class submarine, in addition to the 4 ship converted into a cruise missile submarine, the remaining 14 ships are still as strategic nuclear submarine in today's world, if the outbreak of a nuclear war, the last one is likely to come from Ohio.

" in today's world, both on the ground and sky, or the sea, there are enough to destroy the entire human society's weapons, today's peaceful nuclear war the consequences of not easily won, who can not afford!

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