2 people were shot outside the British Parliament was closed


haiwaiwang· 2017-03-23 00:22:16

The shooting occurred near the

London Westminster parliament. Witnesses said the attackers attacked police officers with a knife and tried to break into the building. After a police officer was injured, other plainclothes police officers held a gun to stop the attackers. After the incident, the temporary closure of the parliament building. (CCTV reporter Kong Linlin)

, according to overseas reports, according to the British House of Lords leader, said the suspect had been attacked by armed police shot dead.

British police closed the streets of London's parliament building.

Reuters quoted witnesses as saying that health care workers are being treated for injuries.

according to the British Sky News: a reporter described the scene, said the security guards to see a man shot, which attacked a police officer. In addition, there is unconfirmed news that the Weiss Minster bridge accident, a car trying to crush pedestrians, causing a dozen injured.

in the temple bridge, Reuters photographer, saw at least 4 people lying on the ground, some people lose consciousness and serious bleeding.

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