Our male king of glory into the pit for a week on platinum was hanging Guan miracle comeback

Glory Guan Yu platinum King

guanaidianjingbaguaxie· 2017-03-23 01:39:23

since last week broke the old man into the pit show the glory of the king has been a week, at the beginning of our male with old cousin laoxing from playing on the bronze and silver, now after a week old male cousin brother and has Sao on platinum, they now also started the 20 record as strong kill Carry is so strong?

" after all the old men in Sao LOL game talent play the glory of the king what is not difficult, but now a platinum Dan does not so smoothly, yesterday a big 38 minutes of fierce.

" this is the old man to play Zhu Geliang Sao start was opposite to the battle group of Guan Yu, Guan Yu cut back is very tough, because war can not effectively restrain the old male with Ren Guan Yu, Sao Sao Sao how old cousin Xing are not it causes the output wave not destroy missions, and even hit the remaining 1/4 HP crystal.

" was going to lose, as in the past the good state of mind to explosion our male with old cousin raised, 2V4 forced to stall the opposite to the wave of the tower and destroy missions, the last miracle comeback! Have to say this is our male win by a fluke, excited to celebrate with the old cousin live in five.

" but Xiaobian old male from Sao green on the bar of platinum in a week is very fast, although the increasing difficulty, but it has the good mentality to play the qualifying, on what is not difficult. I believe a lot of players lose is lost in the state of mind rather than lose in technology, do you think?

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The king's glory, Gao Jianli, is not wasted What is so high!

The king's glory, Gao Jianli, is not wasted What is so high!