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[entries: The Legend of speed, you create!

nrburgring] ONLINE cheshen recruitment plan offline offline Event Finals will be held April 22-4 month 23 days in Shanghai World Expo Park, the banana plan B.I.G carnival, cheshen recruiting game four players and one fish line match national semi finalist will open speed duel in April 23rd. Want to participate in the event to the drivers to sign up at the same time, oh, the best fans in the special pages of exciting activities will have the opportunity to get 450 yuan worth of banana B.I.G tickets for the carnival, see the topic page. In April 22nd

2017 12:00-13:30 eight into the four match cheshen recruited in April 23rd

2017 12:00-13:30 cheshen recruitment finals & cheshen recruitment semi-finals VS nets coffee semi-finals Exhibition "img_box"

[ONLINE] nrburgring cheshen recruitment plan

cheshen recruitment plan is accompanied by "need for speed ONLINE" be open to game products unveiled the gaming field development and the establishment of a preparatory talent pool plan. In order to make love "need for speed" ONLINE, with excellent game technology, with the spirit of the gaming game player will be the first time they were unearthed. "Need for speed" to the ONLINE team will be selected "best cheshen" game player will provide full support to "best cheshen" has become truly eye-catching star.

in a few days before the "need for speed" cheshen ONLINE recruitment plan Stage3 enrollment recruitment has begun, the official will be March 27th to March 31st group phase of the first round game, game player can focus on the address entries before the game. The cheshen recruitment plan partner for the Stage3 event.

entries address > > >

[Internet cafes line registration net game]

in addition to cheshen game, game player who can also participate in Internet cafes to fish line match, in addition to online registration, can also go directly to the net net coffee shop registration, the registration deadline to March 26th. At the same time, in addition to the game store, game player can also store experience to feel "need for speed" ONLINE this realistic racing game, in the game may also get a single store thousand yuan spree.

this time one fish line is divided into the national tournament Shanghai division, division of Jiangsu and Anhui, Zhejiang and Northern Min division division, related stores to the four division can be participating and experience the game.

" [to participate in online activities, winning the banana plan B.I.G Carnival tickets]

want to go to watch the game plan banana B.I.G Carnival internationally can participate in the activities of the "need for speed" ONLINE official micro-blog, WeChat, the number of public interest in the tribe, forums and other channels have the opportunity to get 450 yuan worth of banana B.I.G tickets for the carnival.

B.I.G "is the national plan of banana Carnival husband" Wang Sicong to create original large pan entertainment Carnival project, the first play "live music + games gaming" ultra luxury lineup strong landing in Shanghai Expo park. The star studded music festival scene, let you enjoy the music a gluttonous feast; rich and colorful game show, let everyone can watch their favorite games, feel the extraordinary charm of gaming! Here, you will see all types of game tips show, gaming and entertainment more passion collision!

" for more information about "need for speed" ONLINE speed & beta tournament, welcome to visit the official website of ONLINE nrburgring & concern WeChat official number for the public to understand.

"Acura ONLINE" official WeChat public number: please scan code attention

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