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PingWestpinwan· 2017-03-23 06:31:41

blue bike officially unveiled in Beijing, I believe you have been in the streets and see the blue bike sharing with bluegogo.

entered the Beijing 1 months, put more than 80 thousand vehicles, operating for four months, the cumulative total of more than 6 million 250 thousand users. When the conference began, blue bicycle is the sun out of this data.

shared bike players like to use the data to prove that this thing is used to suck up the bike and suck the user is a terrible thing. During Cook's visit in ofo just took a day orders over tens of millions of data, the data that ofo become after Taobao, drops, and beauty group, fourth day orders over tens of millions of Internet platform, but also the fastest achieve this company. The blue blue here, said they have used rapid accumulated 6 million 250 thousand of the number of users, according to this growth rate, they are better than those of Airbnb, Uber drops faster, a growth rate of such product is Facebook blue mentioned at the press conference. We consider a lot of

", which is estimated to 3000 below the best configuration" (non original sentence, but the same meaning) at the press conference saying this blue bike CEO Li Gang to the mouth, he said this is not a slip of the tongue, even the price of the product range are exposed.


bluegogo Pro conference in front of the car is probably the first use of a shared bicycle speed change function. Why is it possible? The ofo also has similar transmission models, but Li Gang believes that "the production of 100 show car that is not called the first production launch vehicle", bluegogo has put more implication, and the actual availability of transmission cars in the market.

bluegogo Pro really gives people a feeling. Bluegogo Pro uses a Manuonei Jubilee three transmission, the blue and white paint, positioning system has Yami level, the error is less than 0.5 meters. To apply the official statement, this product better ride, such as the intensity of the stampede to reduce the 27%, more comfortable seat, etc., is a product of the product experience.

Pro2 concept car, in the table, it will move down, it is not ready to

while Pro this product has bright spots, announced the concept of product bluegogo Pro2 small blue bicycle is still on the conference. This product is the official propaganda for iF, RedDot, IDEA Grand Slam design work, lightweight high strength carbon fiber frame, Italy SelleRoyal 3D simulated body cushion, three speed, injection molding frame … … and high-tech materials, and to use the well-known design team, of course, this is also in the side that you now not to experience this product. Li Gang will be the location of Pro2 shared Bicycle 2, he said the next few months will start running, seems to be a high brand products.

deposit is a shared bicycle companies have been criticized. The blue bicycle and sesame credit cooperation, all products more than 700 life can deposit free riding bicycle. Remove the

hardware and the product itself, the launch of the first half blue bicycle riding card sounds is a new play, is that users can spend 199 yuan to buy the blue half free ride card, in six months time can be many times and blue bicycle riding; completed in the second half of this year 6 is not limited to the distance of the trip, will expire 199 yuan full back now. Li Gang referred to the hope that through this free riding incentive mode, allowing users to use half a year to develop a light sport riding habits. "

"even though it sounds like Tun for half a year's money, but if there is little blue bike riding to encourage users, this seems to have no problems.

PingWest play goods (micro signal: wepingwest) also noted that the new car is really helpful to attract attention, people are more willing to choose with variable speed bicycle sharing conference after the end of a door, a few bluegogo Pro models quickly by the guests and media scan code ride. PingWest also found the scene play blue bicycle and can not use the sesame credit and Alipay scan code ride, ask the staff, they answered: "these two days will be plus".

Li Gang, this man is very funny, for people. I feel the sparkling discourse from time to time also attracted the audience, laughter, for those of us in the field of the participants, he is a person to own brand a lot of extra points. But he was also surprised by the fact that he sprayed his competitors, for example, he said, "if the is going to drive fast, it will leave a lot of debt, and it will pay off tomorrow. "He also said" next January and February for other friends, is a dead winter ", because some iron frame should consider how to solve the old bicycle game player vehicle recovery and replacement problems, he also summed up the two inflection point industry: iron frame rust problems bring nightmare. City garbage; the first change trend, where to find a car?

Li Gang there is a very fit in the second half of the mobile Internet, then - share the number of bicycles per city is a ceiling, the second half is to fight efficiency, the least people do the most things. "

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