Car illegally parked on the road with a family of three shelter plate

Three number plate take turns car

ZAKERguiyang· 2017-03-23 06:48:26

Guiyang evening news all media reporter Huang Qiwang

3 on Sept. 22 at 3 pm, Guiyang City, GUI Wu Road occurred wonderful scene: an expensive G plate of illegally parked vehicles on the road, to avoid capture monitoring and punishment, a family of three has three times with the body of the vehicle license plate before and after occlusion. Unexpectedly, this scene is still monitored completely recorded down.

3 22 day around 15 pm, Yunyan Traffic Management Bureau Command Center video patrol post ongoing video inspections on the area of the main and secondary road traffic order. Found during inspections, a red car illegally parked in front of your URU, standing in front of a man, in the vehicle license plate, the man

from time to time toward the monitoring probe direction around.

a few minutes later, a woman holding a little boy came to the front of the vehicle "changed" to block the plate. Man immediately on the car, start the vehicle. The man let his relatives in front of the slow forward, driving his car behind him, trying to escape the surveillance capture evidence.

in vehicle monitoring probe and parallel, the man is supposed to have escaped the shooting suspect, the little boy and the woman immediately around the rear of the car followed, again to the rear of the vehicle body cover plate. However, the efforts of the family did not work together. Three people with the body to block the whole process of the plate was monitored and recorded. The vehicle related information and traffic violations, traffic control department has been locked.

" then the Traffic Management Bureau Command Center dolomite vehicle registration information through contact with the parties registered, the notification behavior has been recorded, and require the parties to accept the deal branch.

at present, the traffic police department has been in contact with the parties, the parties said they expressed remorse for their actions.

traffic violations, are doing further processing.


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