Five year old girl imitating cartoon umbrella umbrella, who's over?

Jumping umbrella cartoon girl

jiaoyubaishitong· 2017-03-23 22:06:31

Since the

entered the electronic age, animation has become a part of the life of children can not be banned.

I also wrote a few articles on the control of watching TV, playing electronic products, causing many parents resonance and discussion.

recently, there was a child imitating the action of the characters in the cartoon.

as a parent, to see this kind of news, really worried and tangled.

although it is inevitable to watch cartoons, but we can still do a good job for the child, the establishment of security boundaries, distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality, to maintain a moderate imagination! today, I'm going to talk about cartoons! Tianjin joy

children fall dead past events in less than 10 days in March 5th, a five year old girl in Xinjiang, learn their own cartoon appearance, find an umbrella from home, then Beiqishubao, opened after holding the umbrella from the balcony on the "fly". Parents said the children love to watch cartoons, especially to imitate the "bears" Shangcuanxiatiao plot. Unexpectedly, this unexpectedly opened an umbrella jumped from the 11 floor, fell to the floor of the platform on the four injured!

in recent years to imitate cartoons, the child is really a lot of accidents!

you six years old Changzhou girl let her mother go out to her to buy Glutinous Rice Balls, own at home watching cartoons, to see the results of half afraid to find mom, know where the door is locked out. Then she thought of the Cartoon Bear infested in the bald head can slide along the pipe to the ground, so she stepped on the bench from the balcony to climb out, trying to imitate the head of a strong water holding down the slide. So did not wait for her to seize the water pipe, fell from the five floor of the … … fortunately, timely rescue back.

you 5 year old girl and 10 year old sister was playing in the yard, I do not know where my sister pulls out a chainsaw, learn to "bear" the bald strong face toward the younger sister saw the past, sister's nose and the right face is sawed, even if the wound healing, will leave a deep scar.

we "bear", bald strong in order to deal with the two bears, modified fan. The 7 year old boy saw this, while the family slept to remove the home fans rebuilt, did not think the whole hand was twisted into the high-speed rotation of the fan blade in … …

you three boys play "pleasant goat and grey wolf's role in the play, a 9 year old the boy will be another two people tied to the tree ignition," Roasted Whole Lamb ", imitating the grey wolf led two boys body was badly burned.

… …

1892 Frenchman Amir · since the invention of Reynolds cartoons, bring the peoples of the world to the new culture experience. animated cartoon lively and interesting form, not only by the children's favor; animation in the

to teach music is also the preferred way of education for many parents.

but the domestic cartoon animation market uneven in quality in recent years, especially the rapid development can be used to describe, and the related system is not perfect, unlike the United States, Japan and other countries have strict age grading for watching cartoons.

so, our parents should be at the source of good for children!

important thing to say three times: good customs! Good pass! Good pass!

our parents first to know that there is no problem for the children watch cartoons, the theme has violent or pornographic elements, whether vulgar values, lovely cartoon character is … … if the unqualified film for children, children by some bad content guide, it will have some of us do not want to see the situation.

of course, we do not have so much time to look at their own children to see again, you can also choose to have played a long time ago, the circle of parents spread good reputation of the old film, so relatively safe.

out of the new film suggested that parents look over the audit better oh! In addition to the

in the source on the outside, the children watching cartoons, parents can communicate with their children view.

properly guide the children, let the children experience the film in the good and the beautiful, cultivate the correct values!

"guide" to see, is to let the children to watch the process, to find the real core, find the key, attract the attention of children, so that children watching the process, not just a simple visual impact.

after watching cartoons, cartoon stories and parents for the hero, by extension, the story will be more comprehensive, more about it, so that children not only have the feeling of a cartoon plot, more knowledge and master.

also allows children to retell the story, so that the child in the retelling of the story, review the focus. Retell the story by the children, enhance feelings, cultivate children's reading, enrich the child's thoughts and feelings.

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Five year old girl imitating cartoon umbrella umbrella, who's over?

Five year old girl imitating cartoon umbrella umbrella, who's over?

Five year old girl imitating cartoon umbrella umbrella, who's over?

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