The systematic corruption in China's lottery industry"


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lottery fund was improper use,

reserved space for corruption

lottery industry consolidation

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this paper first appeared in March 23, 2017 797th issue of "Newsweek" China < / strong>

in mid February this year to the end of March, the Ministry of finance, Ministry of civil affairs and the State Sports General Administration composed of 6 joint inspection teams rushed to Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning and other 25 provinces and cities, the Internet lottery supervision and rectification work, and will report to the Ministry of Finance in March 30th before.

nearly two years, the state has increased the audit and rectification of the lottery industry, the relevant issues to urge the rectification, improve the system, and the relevant responsible personnel were investigated.

of the lottery lottery heavily audit problems once the most detailed description, is announced in 2015 the Audit Commission No. fourth audit results. The audit was completed between November 2014 and December. Responsible person told the "China news weekly"

audit of social security audit division, in order to ensure the safety of lottery funds and other livelihood funds, promote the relevant departments to strengthen management, improve efficiency in the use of lottery funds, the Audit Commission to organize the lottery fund audit. The

audit, including the business departments and audit personnel in place 18 tepaiban participation. The Audit Commission has set up the office of lottery funds audit project, which is responsible for organizing the implementation of the audit. The

object of the audit, including the Ministry of finance, Ministry of civil affairs and the Chinese welfare lottery management center, General Administration of sports and the sports lottery management center, as well as Beijing, Shanxi and other 18 provinces, the provincial finance departments of civil affairs and sports, 228 provincial lottery sales agency, 4965 lottery funded project. The time span of the audit object from 2012 to October 2014.

the official said, the choice of the 18 provinces and cities, with reference to its lottery sales, while taking into account the balance of East and West, so that the audit in the country representative. The content of the

audit is the use of lottery public welfare funds and issuance fees. audit personnel to access to information, inquiry discussion, data analysis, field of view, external extension, discussion and Research on the situation and problems found in the audit, but also some problems with the specific analysis of the actual situation of specific issues. Relevant audit staff told the China News Weekly, the biggest feature of the audit work, is to perform the independence of the audit oversight responsibilities to ensure that the audit results of the objective and realistic justice.

but in the actual work process, it is inevitable that there will be no individual does not support the situation. For example, in a certain audit of a nursing home project, the Civil Affairs Bureau staff said what is not willing to bring auditors to the scene. Until finally seeing cannot hide, just pointing. In a building in front of the said, this is. It was originally dubbed the nursing home project, has not been used to receive the elderly, but was used by the local civil affairs bureau office building.

for those who do not exist to take public welfare projects, the audit will be greater resistance, because it is often hidden corruption. For such clues, auditors are more to carry out in-depth investigation and extension, but also to exclude some interference.

Audit Department of social security audit department official said, lottery audit found that the problem is generally consistent with their previous expectations, but the problem of Internet lottery will be more serious than expected. In this regard, they specifically deployed manpower, increase audit efforts, according to the new situation in the audit of the deployment of resources.

2014 December, the end of this round of audit. Audit results announcement shows that the relevant departments of the 18 provincial people's government at all levels and conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision to strengthen the lottery fund management, promote the lottery market and the construction of laws and regulations, steadily expanding the scale of lottery, played a positive role in social welfare undertakings. However, the audit also found some illegal issues, including , taking the false and illegal construction Loutangguansuo violations of procurement and payment of allowances and subsidies, there are still some places illegal use of the Internet sales of lottery, lottery money idle problem.

problem is expected to exceed

although the public has long been heard about the problems in the field of lottery, but this time the audit results announcement is still beyond the expectations of many people.

, a retired officials had engaged in the management of the lottery industry told Chinese "news weekly", the audit results announcement gives the impression of depth has two aspects, one is an objective reflection of the China lottery industry development has made great achievements in recent years on the other hand; seeking truth from facts to reveal some problems in the lottery industry, especially the lottery issuance costs and problems of wide, deep, save some of the major aspects in the extent of the problem involving a large sum of money etc..

, for example, the audit results announcement pointed out that there are 584 units misappropriated lottery funds of $3 billion 330 million for the balance of the general budget, business turnover, to make up for the work of funds and illegal foreign investment. The retired officials interviewed said that this shows that the problem of misappropriation is more common, and the benefit of the field is more extensive. "Both the government and the enterprise, as well as employees, as well as

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