7 year old fat Ya weight of 75 kilograms of parents willing to walk alone

Parents weight external debt

zhongxinwang· 2017-03-24 06:41:12

" can walk independently in many people's eyes is not difficult, but it is not easy to live. The 7 year old Xiao Yun weight reached 75 kg, because too fat, she could not walk a step. This is old enough to go to school only to give Xiao Yun home, in order to lose weight has spent millions of dollars Xiao Yun, the mother can not work closely, take care of her. For Xiao Yun fat is too thick, when the blood taken many times to find the blood vessel. Photo by Zhang Yao

" recently, mother, grandmother came to Changchun Xiaoyun and start a weight-loss treatment way, Xiao Yun's mother said, like a normal child to walk unaided, her hope is to be able to go to school. Xiao Yun's mother said, Xiao Yun Fat since temper he became irritable. Photo by Zhang Yao

" Xiao Yun in her mother's arm can barely walk upright. Xiao Yun's mother must take care of Xiao Yun together. Photo by Zhang Yao are very difficult when

" on each Xiaoyun treatment bed, several people can help. Photo by Zhang Yao

3 year old Xiao Yun when more than other children of the same age are thin, only 12.5 kg, is almost 4 years old when, suddenly began to fat a month 10 kilograms of fat, and endless fat now. More than 7 years old, directly to the current 75 kilograms. Photo by Zhang Yao

Xiaoyun now basically rely on travel time wheelchair, wheelchair also helped her to let her mother feel very tired. Photo by Zhang Yao

family to treat Xiao Yun went a lot of places, spend millions, still owed debts. Photo by Zhang Yao

" Xiao Yun at lunch. Xiao Yun mother at home when her diet control. Photo by Zhang Yao

took a few steps Xiaoyun sitting on the ground, do not want to walk, each walk is suffering for Xiao Yun is. Photo by Zhang Yao

" on the car Xiao Yun also need several people helped to get on the train. Zhang Yao photo

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