7 year old baby soared in the cause of obesity caused by 120 pounds

Inflation obesity causes children

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obese people have been rising, and the trend of obesity is getting younger and younger. Do you know the cause of childhood obesity? Here we take a look at it, only to understand the causes of better prevention.

7 age baby jumped 120 pounds

from the 3 floor to the 1 floor, 40 steps, go down is easy for anyone. But for the Tianjin man Zhang Hongjun family, this is a big thing. Xiao Yun 3 years old than other children of the same age are thin, only 12.5 kg, is almost 4 years old when, suddenly began to fat, directly to the current 75 kilograms. However, the head took many times CT, ran more than and 10 hospitals did not find the cause. Xiao Yun due to obesity is not fully developed the bones and muscles to bear her weight, resulting in not standing.

cause of childhood obesity

1. genetic factors. parents have a side of obesity, children's obesity 32 ~ 34% of the possibility of obesity, obesity in children, the incidence of childhood obesity increased by 50 ~ 60%. On the other hand, 72% of obese children, at least one of their parents are obese. However, obesity related genes have been found.

2. movement is too small. children's learning burden is getting heavier and heavier, and parents are eager to increase the number of extra-curricular children's learning, such as music, art, language, etc., and squeeze out a lot of time for children's activities. In addition, even after the extra-curricular activities, but also less physical activity, more and more static activities, what video games, games, children's activities will be reduced, fat. Fat children do not love sports, children do not love sports fatter, resulting in a vicious cycle.

3. medical and drug factors. with thyroid, adrenal, heart and lung diseases can also lead to obesity. Steroid drugs to treat these diseases also lead to obesity.

4. social psychological factors. in particular, parents are most likely to produce an obese child with an erroneous understanding of childhood obesity. In addition, the research shows that if the children work pressure, or learning achievement is not ideal, long-term mental tension, will try to eat more snacks naturally or half unconsciously, to relieve mental tension, if things go on like this, there will be obese. Therefore, obese children should be treated from a variety of reasons, targeted treatment.

5. endocrine disorders. Although in obese children and adolescents is rare lack of growth hormone, thyroid hormone deficiency and excess cortisol, but these diseases in order to decrease and reduce energy consumption growth at the same time is characterized by slow growth, short stature children appear obvious central obesity.

children's obesity prevention method to establish

1. diet

learning children's nutritional knowledge through newspapers, magazines, books, blackboard newspaper and radio and television and a variety of ways, establish the concept of healthy eating.

2. pay attention to the child's psychological problems

pay attention to the psychological treatment of children with obesity and behavior correction. Parents should avoid interference of preaching, such as repeatedly reprimand you are too fat, should eat, lest cause anorexia and reverse psychology.

3. Multi Sport

encourage children to do outdoor sports, afternoon is the best time to exercise. Children do not watch TV too long, a long time to sit easily fat, encourage children to walk or ride a bike.

4. drink plenty of juice and water

control baby drink carbonated drinks is an important way to help your baby to lose weight. Usually, the mother should try to use sugar free juice and water to replace. Before dinner, the mother let the children drink some juice, a cup of juice into the belly, a small stomach capacity is not much.

5. breast feeding

study shows that the longer the time of breastfeeding, the more it can prevent the risk of obesity in children. After the baby is born, we advocate breastfeeding not only reduce the risk of obesity in children, but also to reduce the incidence of other diseases.

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