I would like to fight with my soul! Remember the fighting game by Sheng and decline

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from the 1976 launch of the "Sega heavyweight champion" double counting, for fighting game has been singled out for forty years, from an unknown to the public All flowers bloom together. began to outshine others again, can be said to have witnessed the whole process of game player FTG game step by step toward prosperity decline. There are two reasons for the decline: the change of the environment and the shrinking of the audience.

the history of the entire fighting game is the history of the development of the entire fighting game system, however, these players are also the same growth. Even if the fighting game how to decline, the regiment has been burning up the soul of the fighting will not go out.

to talk about the soul of fighting, then first of all from the history of the development of fighting games......

a large crowd behind a good event has gone for ever

green origin time:

to 1983 this time in 1976 70s in -80, this type of fighting game was a humble small category, no fun gameplay and game compared to other slag to the explosion of the screen, so it is difficult to start. Until TECHN only S JAPAN launched the "Karate" in 1984, the fighting game did not go into the public view.

the game compared to the previous attack animation only one frame of the game, each attack animation frames more adequate, thus looks more smooth, and the 4X4 instruction has more abundant operation. This makes the fighting game has its own distinctive features compared with other popular games: delicate animation performance and a variety of styles. The red and white character also affects a landmark behind the giant, it is card bitch street.

in 1987, CAPCOM launched a "Street Fighter" first generation, although the game player can only be carried out in a battle between between uplift and Ken, but after this generation for all lattice fighting game has laid the foundation of Nirvana, the rocker eight direction. In the light of heavy attack setting, have become the object of reference after the fighting game.

in this era, arcade not rise, FC has almost no fighting game, give people left a profound impression seems to be only "Kung Fu" the battle of CPU games, fighting game player cannot be regarded as a group. The rise of

era overlord:

90s to 1991, Karp was still empty card bitch launched 16 arcade game "Street Fighter II", gorgeous style, perfect the bidding battle system, beautiful screen, overnight. "Adu with" fuel with "popular in the high streets and back lanes. The most popular fighting game of the game is also in this work, although the producer said it was originally a BUG, but now it seems that everyone is crazy for this BUG. From the 2 "

" street fighter, fighting game continued on for years for the hot situation already shaky arcade market. So far most of the combat series of works on stage in 90s, including the domestic mentioned fighting game cannot go around "KOF" series.

as a small time series of special purchases for the Spring Festival "KOF", the first generation is "the king of fighters 94", a collection of SNK's many series of characters "KOF" a debut in chelunzhan and dazzling outlet. Especially in the "the king of fighters 97", "the king of fighters 98", "the king of Fighters" series with many distinctive characters and gorgeous pluviose riffs to quickly seize the arcade status of a brother. Episode

" and it has two manufacturers competing in the card was: "the king of fighters 94" Boss had finally found his home debut in the animation of the ancient and strong was made of the Akuma fighters statue. In order to launch a counter attack and invented the "Street Fighter" series of the most nonsensical history is also a weak angle - Fire dan. He set Sakazaki Ryo's uniforms, Robert's hair, and all kinds of imitation limiting half moves, after the character has been preserved, with generations of development update, God Dan also has a number of their fans.

"Street Fighter 4" era had a unwritten rules: if Dan for the war are more or less on opponent's feeling, if you are unable to defeat the opponent with Dan, then this is the strength of the absolute gap. It breeds a number that Dan (the literal meaning is focusing on the use of Dan people), the number of the Dan showed "Street Fighter" of the world there is no absolute intensity, important is his fighting heart.

" in 1997, there are many hidden elements of "the king of fighters 97" wind swept across the country, the same year as the peak of the "street fighter 2D fighting game
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