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Tencent Paladin hand travel MoBa

wangyiyouxi· 2017-03-24 13:50:59

from the 1995 domestic stand-alone game "Legend of Sword and Fairy" the listing date, the domestic RPG classic has gone through 22 years. With the recent years, the mobile gaming market continues to mature, fairy sword also naturally became the game market TOP level adaptation IP. Now, with the legend of IP and adapted Mobile Games number six or seven, the Tencent "Legend of Sword and Fairy online" Mobile Games is one of them. It is reported that the product will be opened in March 28th does not delete files, open in March 30th no limit.

in the hands of so many fairy IP hand on the back of the line, there is a argument has been there, it is this IP there is not enough value to tap. The Tencent "Legend of Sword and Fairy online" Mobile Games, before it chooses several Mobile Games inherited round single game in the play, and divide a lot of old Chinese game player, if it continues to follow the routine, so the competitive environment will be more cruel, even at the risk of being eliminated.

if the analysis from the market share, the market turn has shown a saturation state, "dream swims on the west", "Westward Journey", "ghost story", "fantasy Zhu Xian" and a series of products into this category of increasing the threshold, the user is also more and more picky.

in this context, the "Legend of Sword and Fairy online" is able to show how the product form, will be the focus of practitioners and pay more attention to the game player.

core gameplay changes in the battle of round

: replace "Legend of Sword and Fairy online" in the core gameplay gave up the classic round system, and real-time combat were replaced. This adaptation to some extent beyond the expectations of the players, does not seem to be a classic heritage. But on the other hand, with the immediate battle set to show the game will fight for chivalry theme is more thorough, not only fit the "Legend of Sword and Fairy" in the "man", played a role in inheritance, and give a more exciting game player fun experience.

" as a MMORPG, "Legend of Sword and Fairy online" will significantly enhance the weight of PVP, to create a "battle" version of our model. In the upper left corner of the game for the players to provide a number of States, including peace, good and evil, hostile, in a specific scenario, the player can freely fight, enjoy the killing pleasure. At the same time malicious to beat other players will be punished by the system, which is also the contract class MMO hand travel settings.

can view the hostility values in the character panel, initiate discussion and defeat the White / yellow name game player more, the higher the value of hostility. In the "think of returning Valley" hook can accelerate reduce hostility

value in skills, "Legend of Sword and Fairy online" also caters to many ideas in MOBA game skills. The male "Cavalier" occupation as an example, we found that the skills included in the sector, a straight line, round, only MOBA games have cast range, in the normal attack, the game is the default target mode. For small players, their starting threshold is not high, frustration is very low; and the ability to maximize the damage is not an easy thing to do, the player must have a certain operation. As a result, the game's combat system to improve a grade.

"range of skills such as the role of breaking wave is

month" fan grape Jun in the experience that the "Legend of Sword and Fairy online" in the core gameplay changes at the same time, also hope to interpret the legend of IP from another angle. In the past, most of the fairy sword IP is extended from the angle of "love", although it is classic enough, but with the increase in the number of adaptations tend to encounter the problem of platitudes. The game is the interpretation of the "Legend of more than a love story", by fighting characteristics IP and innovation to the maximum extent to highlight the core gameplay, game player to bring a different Chinese cognition, but also in line with Legend of Sword and Fairy's chivalrous heart. Expand the traditional

plot: use pictures to show

expression in art, "Legend of Sword and Fairy online" using ink based Chinese wind wind painting, this is the game plus a lot of points.

and the most points for the game, the game belongs to the plot. Every Chinese powder probably will not forget the immortal 1 very touching story, there is love, there is resentment, twists and turns, the most touching story is immortal and vivid characters, such as bathing, moon linger Gongfu etc. the story in "Legend of Sword and Fairy online" are reduced.

"free fantasy into heroes, she angrily smashing pan" the bridge we probably familiar with

but this reduction was not only reflected in the scenes and lines. "Legend of Sword and Fairy online" will also be extended to develop play in the story. First of all, game player complete the main task can collect residual paintings

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