North Korea for the first time to see the little nurse looks sweet cute

North Korea small nurse appearance doctor

mifengguoji· 2017-03-24 18:30:09

24", the Korean Central News Agency published an article for the party to implement the "mother love" the spirit of the generations, the punctuation of a total of 39 characters, the only two words: Children's hospital medical workers jade stream the mother party spirit love offspring remember, in the prevention and control of all sincere. A typical sentence of news, but the picture is very fresh, in the first exposure of young nurses.

" for jade stream children's hospital doctor is examining a child, next to a young female nurses, slim, beautiful. According to the North Korean media for many years of concern, this is the first time a young nurse boarded the national news agency.

that is the sweet little nurse squat listen to doctors and children dialogue on the edge of the bed.

" recently, North Korean media repeatedly break with past practice, let more women from all walks of life on the national news agency, with more open attitude and confident in the face of the international community. For the first month, North Korea published a picture of female high school students practicing musical instruments.

3 month 10, the Korean media announced a female worker in the screen of the tannery in. More and more images are being published, which shows that North Korea is showing its prosperity and development through its official website.

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