The name of Ma Rong, became a moral judgment weapon?

Weapon morality name Huang Bo

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Chinese had a saying: you can say it again. But two stars repeated exposure to the public before the family, especially Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong divorce, because the woman was exposed derailed broker, the transfer of property and behavior is too bad, pretty baby horse Rongcheng scold the wishes of the people.

and the baby, want to help everyone out star wars when the divorce, out of the name Ma Rong seems to have become the weapon occupy public advantage. For example, last year, Zhang Jizhong and fan Xin tendril divorce, the first release to the media, the woman derailed dry son, transfer of property and other news, play Ma Rong second title.

however, fan Xin quickly counterattack, arguing that he did not derail, referring to Zhang Jizhong in the United States will also be transferred to the small house to the other name. The two passing the final outcome of the case, whether people really gossip which is right and which is wrong, there is not much interest.

" Star Wars today came news of divorce. Eight Jun see the name of the main character is not frankly, if the media reported that the "Liu Bin divorce", do not point to open to see how many people? But the news hit the Ma Rong girlfriends and move empty property, the key words, the crowd suddenly orgasm.

a variety of ridicule scripts: Flying Horse Rong divorce training class, Ma Rong moved limited, Ma Rong green investment limited liability company to...

" has been suggested after swearing without Pan Jinlian, with Ma rong. Although Pan Jinlian and Ma Rong made a disgusting behavior, or deep eight Jun think this is so ridiculous.

has a number of famous men who have been derailed, but their names are not going to be abusive. If Pan Jinlian Ma Rong is not derailed, it is not derailed and the poet Gu Cheng, the name "Gu Cheng" has not been stigmatized.

also said sarcastically gossip people sneer at, I don't know his wife for tender is only after money? What is the property cheated shout injustice?

eight Jun felt just the court hearing, some people started a public opinion trial, is not a bit earlier? 88 sort out what time line, this seems to be a group of sisters. The drama, but in any case the truth is not white, but only a unilateral statement, it is too early to tell. Even if

is really an old traveller over the gutter, in addition to seize the moral high ground to blame each other, really do not need in himself for reasons?

" - I'm three marriage line --

divorce with his wife Liu Bin just hearing. In the all star video interview, he said that the woman did transfer the property, even a person with a password file cabinet to pry open. He also corrected the woman's name, Wang Lijun, in September last year, the media made a mistake, wrote his ex-wife many.

" is the wrong person many, last year micro-blog publicly clarified, said he and Liu Bin have divorced for 11 years.

a lot of micro-blog on the ex husband's name is "Liu Bin teacher". For the former spouse with this title, because they were the old wife, Liu Bin graduated from the 80 grade in the drama class, with Jiang Wen Lv Liping from the Shan are classmates, in the entertainment circle high seniority. Some of the movie "img_box class=

" he played is a generation of parents memory, such as the "Kyoto ball man" played the bear


" for younger students, speaking of TV drama "black hole" in Zhang Feng, "true" sequel white professional, perhaps can arouse some memories. Although Liu Bin's popularity is not high, but the characters can not remember the name of the series.

2000 opened the "black hole", Liu Bin put the bad leader played penetrating. There are many stories behind this drama, deep eight Jun earlier had eight Huang Bo because did not play well in the drama, was admitted to the north.

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