What happened? So many financial management are not guaranteed

Bank financial management capital preservation situation

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today to talk to you about the net financial transactions.

because of the time after the year before last, the financial products market is still a big change, I do not know that we do not know ah. Especially after going to the bank to do financial time, many of the bank's financial products are not guaranteed, some joint-stock banks simply, all financial products are not to return, but as the funds in accordance with the net purchase and redemption.

this means that investors have to bear the possible losses, it should be said, ah, the bank's financial products have begun to change. And the trend of net more and more obvious.

what is the net? Very simple ah, this is expected to be 3% of the previous year's income of $4%, 5%, no, if the performance of the financial products better we earn more points, we do not make good performance point. Particularly bad performance, we may have to lose.

just on this thing seems to be gradually withdraw from the stage of history. The bank will not like before, we give money to guarantee income.

how to produce such a situation? Of course, there are many reasons.

I think the direct reason should be in the second half of last year, the bond market performance is not good.

began in October last year, the bond market fell, the bond market plunged in December. We see a lot of news, then over 90% of the debt based are negative returns. These financial products based on these debt based. Many of this revenue did not meet expectations.

did not meet expectations, then according to the previous situation, the bank to lose money. Coupled with the previous year after this period of time the bank funds more tense, the pressure is relatively large, the bank to protect the profits. Then you say this thing the bank will not do more tired, more and more uncomfortable?

simply, it is not easy to support the new year, and then put the risk out of the. I do not promise to just put it, we do it in accordance with the net, the risk of transfer. This is a direct cause.

of course, from the regulatory point of view, but also gradually guide the banks to do the structural adjustment of financial products. Just to this thing is to be broken.

, for example, the new rules of the rumored bank products. If you are expecting an annualized return, the risk reserve is set to 15%. If it is a net value, only 10%. From the guidance of these policies, this trend should be very obvious.

of course, I think a lot of friends watching this show will be a euphemism for criticism, banks, regulators, ah, this is the.

in fact, I personally feel, just to this thing is to be broken sooner or later. So we have stressed that the bank, whether it is a bank or other financial investment it is not the same as the deposit, zero risk investment and financing is not exist.

not to mention investment and financing, and that is the last year we see the deposit insurance regulations, also introduced. More than five hundred thousand of the deposit, if the bank after the break will appear relatively large risk, not to mention these financial and investment. So we in here, I think it gradually adjust our mentality to adapt to this change, to choose a better investment products.

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What happened? So many financial management are not guaranteed