The child was scared the dog fight adults waving iron

Nanning iron pipe speechless adult

xinwenzaixian· 2017-03-25 07:47:01

as the saying goes, endure temporary calm, take a step as boundless as the sea and sky in life, in a fit of anger, people tend to impulse to make mistakes. In March 25th, Nanning city Xingning District People's court together because of an altercation caused by fighting events, while monitoring and recording the whole process of fighting the restaurant.

knife fight injury of she and Huang are from Hubei County of Jianli. In November 26, 2015, she took the family to eat at a restaurant in Nanning City, Shishan Park North gate. After the meal, not because of a leash dog, she with another table in a restaurant to eat a quarrel. Prosecutor

after the children playing there, because the child scared the dog, the dog and the hostess quarrel

was a defendant she made you to kick the dog's posture, huh, oh, actually did not play

from the monitor screen, about 8:25 that night, she and the other after the altercation had pushed. At a friend's advice, she left the restaurant, but after 4 minutes he took a bunch of people carrying pipes, in a threatening manner back to the restaurant, and the altercation hung and others to fight.

" in the course of fighting for several minutes, Mr. Hong, Yang, Wu and others were injured in different degrees, restaurant waiter blocked, she is a people stopped fighting and fled the scene. However, when Hong Mou to drive to the hospital, she returned to the other side of them, riding a van smashed.

" in the second day of the incident, the Nanning police suspected she picked a trouble to capture et al. Afterwards, she was injured in a fight against flood, Yang et al for compensation, and to reach an understanding with each other. At present, she and Huang was beating another person, was picked the crime indictment, case will choose a sentencing date.

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The child was scared the dog fight adults waving iron

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