10 map to understand this generation of children's education path and tangled

Children education path generation

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found? The day before yesterday (March 23, 2017) evening, WeChat launched a new feature, quickly detonated industry concerns.

at the top of WeChat's search bar, enter the WeChat index, you can enter a page. Here, the search for a person, a word, you can see that from January 1st this year to now, how many people have been concerned about this topic. This is the

data, analysis of Tencent do WeChat search data up to 800 million per month based on the user's influence, like a "peeping" window, any person standing here can roughly know a group of the society is concerned about what. The Institute has searched 10 groups of key words in the field of education, some of the data, the comparison of the logic and conclusions may not be accurate, but how much can explain some of the phenomena.

1, mom, WeChat index is Dad nearly 3 times. Father is becoming a luxury family education?

2", however, were searching for "scores" and "ability", disparity, seems to "score first" is in the past.

3, parents are concerned about the international school, more and more high.

4", so there is no suspense to rolling English, Chinese and math, is the most popular discipline and skills.

5, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom are the three most visited countries in the world of concern to the United States of America, =''>

6, extracurricular interests than art, we love science.

7, however, "exam oriented" VS "quality education", the former is still more concerned about.

8 ", from the beginning of a small rise" to "senior high school entrance examination" to "college entrance examination", WeChat index is more and more high, the pressure index which may also as parents.

9", yes, despite all the talk about the "burden", but to "test" the degree of concern, is still alarmingly high.

10, "memory" is far more popular than "creativity" and other abilities.

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