South Korea distressed: LG to sell OLED key equipment to China

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weifengwang· 2017-03-25 13:34:01

" recently, South Korean media reports, South Korean electronics manufacturers LG Electronics (LG Electronics) because Guan Jian decided to OLED panel production equipment sold to Chinese manufacturers, and the equipment and LG display (LG Display) is currently used in the production line of the same equipment so, Korea caused the industry talk. The industry is worried that if the Chinese manufacturers to obtain equipment, it will shorten the gap with the South Korean OLED panel production technology, as to help China's OLED panel industry.

news that OLED film packaging machine LG Electronics will be sold, is used in the red green blue (RGB) color coating after encapsulation, used to isolate OLED by the effects of oxygen and moisture permeability. The ink jet printing method is adopted for the packaging machine, so that the organic layer can be stacked with the inorganic layer in a short time to form a protective film.

in fact, LG Electronics in early May 2016 had decided to sell equipment to China Shenzhen Tianma electronic company, expects the second quarter of 2017 will be shipped, will include the production of OLED panel equipment film packaging machine, will be shipped to the Wuhan Tianma microelectronics and micro electronics factory, Tian Ma OLED panel is expected to start production in the second quarter of 2018.

Electronics will sell Tianma microelectronics equipment, and the process of its OLED manufacturer LGD currently in use the same equipment. LGD not only in the E5 factory in the production of small and medium size OLED online inkjet printer installed, but also the machine test. Moreover, it is expected that in the near future will be installed in the same equipment E6 plant. Among them, the rumors E6 is LGD for Apple (Apple) new iPhone smartphone OLED panel orders set up production line.

South Korean industry insiders said, organic evaporation process and the formation of protective film packaging technology, OLED panel production process is the two key. The LGD is outside the SamSung monitor, the world's only production of small and medium size OLED production line of the industry. As for the thin film packaging machine, Shenzhen Tianma microelectronics purchased the LG Electronics, if collocation plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) equipment, almost half of the OLED will solve process problems, to further reduce the gap between the LGD and OLED panel production.

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