Short video: four hundred million brush face, nearly ten billion capital hunting


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to tens of billions of capital market Hunting: some people sitting on 400 million users, has been sadly closed, and … …

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3 23, and quickly to the industry production of a big news, $350 million financing arrival.

" in recent years, and then keep almost every round of speed, investors from early to later Morningside capital, Sequoia Chinese cultural industry fund, DCM, more attracted to the giant Baidu, Tencent financing. Li Zhaohui, managing partner of the Tencent investment round lead investor said, optimistic about the worker team, but also boast they have deep technical accumulation and the excellence of the product.

capital so generous layout, showing that the development of short video is more rapid than expected. 2016 is a year of very attractive video capital. Data show that from 2016 to March this year, the domestic financing of various types of short video related venture projects reached 5 billion 370 million yuan.

short video experience frenzied capital competition, many game player, financing news as one falls, another rises but not everyone, can produce satisfactory activity figures, a different outcome is expected.

beautiful scenery, decadent decadent

side of the vulgar without limit a contemptuous disregard while watching funny videos, deliberately placed to stop shooting, most people watching their contribution in this self contradiction, some platform brush face seeking attention for money to mood.according to, there are a few of the Internet itself the elite circle of science and technology Master, in which the fire to break the sky, eh? First heard of ah.

this from another angle shows a short video platform China story of the bottom of the social worker, a fire in the dispute, the amount of users in 2016 reached 300 million. It is reported that the latest official data - is this: the user of 400 million users daily living more than 50 million, more than 5 million daily upload video, and for three consecutive years as the first domestic mobile app traffic.

on the other hand, the micro Tencent launched in 2013, officially closed in April 10, 2017, ending with the user cannot reverse the media, peers, sigh sigh: Ma Huateng "8 second video" attention has not been able to give it good luck, in others like a raging fire, it quietly down.

is interesting, would give up the strategic micro Tencent, has become a quick round of financing led investment - "I play this social 6, a short video of the heart is absolutely dead".

: a trend of vertical

global youth culture + professional voice vice Chinese, a documentary "within reach" to help Edison Chan return to public view, than quick content, high style to a watch quickly stuck to also can't stop thinking, after also say "fml". Long video is not a market, especially in some aspects of the depth of the content. This extends to the

short video is the same, only the funny little sense, the upgrading of consumption, the spirit level upgrading has become more and more urgent, just look at the coat of no importance at all often, not happy, in a short video of a vertical depth of the industry can have a relatively loyal fans.

entertainment funny video tends toward the direction of the development of the network, the need to constantly out of the new, from the heat to the bad mouthing what there is no clear boundaries, not good on the fire, not good on the muffler. The head of content harvesting completed, maybe other people really gone to sing.

data show that in December 2016, mobile network users of short video platform is the first penetration of the second shot, accounting for 61.7%, followed by the headlines and video quickly, respectively is 53.1% and 43.2%, the United States took and small coffee show in the top six. However, even if there is no huge flow of these platforms and powerful channels, vertical class short video is still favored by the capital (see chart at the end of the text), they can also go to a large platform for traffic distribution.

is not to say that there is no chance of not vertical, but in a few large platform has been divided into enough cake, leaving the opportunity for the next few. As far as social attributes are concerned, people who have the same hobbies and similar values are more likely to form a circle.

in this article attached to the short video project financing table is not difficult to find, since 2016, close to the basic necessities of the class of short video is more likely to be favored by the capital. What are the vertical players in the


short video content attribute simple classes:

1, news, finance, knowledge sharing: a few years ago in an article "my heart surging like yesterday" hitting people feelings doctrine of Qiu Bing, and with a "road" to the new project "to their pear video" first, the old man into a short video media chose serious news, get $100 million in venture capital support. Kung Fu finance get Youku potatoes - a group of 5, hoping to use the book to allow you to understand the Chinese economy, a large number of online financial large coffee video. Knowledge sharing non series

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