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changing on the football field, has always been no shortage of stirred up the vortex of the" madman ", their personality publicity, coached young tiger fierce and occasionally resorted to" Yin recruit "will so that they become a fixture in the storm of public opinion.

and recently, "madman" temperament to acme is Atletico Madrid boss Simone.

the Argentine whether it is as a player and as a coach, never behave, "demon moth" frequent, but it can stop his soaring popularity and the world sought after.

suspected remote command game

; sitting in the stands still in trouble

thirty-sixth round of La Liga Atletico Madrid, against Valle Cano Atletico Lord Shai Simone due to suspension had to sit in the stands, but , Originally should be quiet sitting in the stands of Simonyi or provoke a big trouble.

original at halftime, Atletico Madrid captain Gabi is replaced end, < span style =" color RGB (255, 76, 0); "> and then in the second half of the match, on behalf of the class Gaby like Atletico coach as, the presence of command the Atletico Madrid teammates, and scoring soon, won the race.

attentive media found one of the clues," Marca "reported, < span style =" color RGB (255, 76, 0); "> when Gaby sitting on the bench, his ears much a pair of headphones, and lens found sitting in Simone side horse competing goalkeeping coach Pablo also wearing a pair of headphones, and two people also occasionally muzzled said what. Style=

the newspaper that Simonyi is through this means, to secretly command the team competition.

" daily sports newspaper "said that according to the provisions of the Spanish Football Federation, during the suspension of the staff can not in any way in to the game, < span style =" color RGB (255, 76, 0); "> although there is no conclusive evidence, but if convicted, Simone will face a 4-20 ban.

" Aspen "added that, if the circumstances are serious, Simone may stricken suspended for 6 months.

inspired caddy to the venue to throw the ball

was suspended for reasons too absurd

and talked about Simone fined sit stand, is to let all people dumbfounding.

the first 35 La Liga and Atletico Madrid 1: 0 beat Malaga, made three valuable points. Style=

however, from Atletico Madrid bench position direction suddenly flew out the ball, interfere with the Malaga fast break. in accordance with the provisions of the game, the stadium shall not appear two games with the ball, so the referee stopped the game.

, according to the report," Aspen ", the referee sentenced to Simone asked who threw the ball, but Simone refused to answer.

from the replay," the perpetrators "is a bit on the sidelines of the caddy, in accordance with the" Aspen ", < span style =" color RGB (255, 76, 0); ">" is said to the caddy is the Atletico coach (Simone) inspired ".

after the game, the Spanish Football Competition Commission official announced that Simone to serve a three match ban, this also means West Simonyi will miss the command team in La Liga last round game.

and when horses competing with Barcelona with 82 points, only to inferior goal difference placing him second in the standings, < span style =" color RGB (255, 76, 0); "> the suspension is may have a tremendous impact on the team's title of the situation.

  never behave" lead brother "

has been around the world sought after

player Simone was fan shaped volume one" in the teeth and play with the knife, style hale and hearty. Is the most famous sport beckham. Style=

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1998 World Cup 16 tournament, Argentina against England.

Simone was in the second half foul on David Beckham, and subsequently he was Beckham retaliated with a" tiger tail foot "hook, Simone exaggerated fell to the ground. Beckham was eventually sent off, as England was eliminated "sinners".

coach after, dressed in black, her face stubble, short hair on the back of the head image, let Simone resembles in the underworld eldest brother.

and he is also the tough gene delivery to the team, at Atletico in the Argentine coach has become a" tigers of the division ". Style=

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since 2011 took over Ma Jing, Simonyi gave Ma Jing a great success. < span style = "color RGB (255, 76, 0);" > won the La Liga, the king's cup, UEFA Cup, the Spanish Super Cup and the European Super Cup champion.

this season, the horse competition has successively beat over Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona this super teams, double kaigegaozou. < span style =" color RGB (255, 76, 0); "> in the Champions League semi-final first leg home 1: 0 beat Bayern. After 6 consecutive league win to continue with press leaders Barcelona.

of course, and less part of the western media to discredit Simone that he is playing dirty football.

but now more people are singing hymn to Simone.

in fans in the eyes, the present side silent behave coach known as" mediocre ", but is on the sidelines arrogant player for coach of the rights and interests because of the distinctive three-dimensional character and sought after. They're more likely to be an idol.

care media opinion, Simone has created a new style of football. although with Jose Mourinho has something similar, but both the biggest difference is, Simone is civilian team, and Mourinho often array under the stars gathered.

maybe he would to the unscrupulous. However, if the result is" victory ", then the procedure will in the eyes of the fans less important.

after all, from the" civilian "to" the Prince ", such a fairy tale is everyone loved.

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