Microsoft's new patent exposure Surface phone and play?

Patent Microsoft mobile phone surface

weifengwang· 2017-03-26 07:43:42

in January this year, Microsoft announced a patent on the hinge display. The recent foreign media sources, Microsoft's other articulated screen patent surfaced. Different from the previous exposure of the patent, the patent performance of this software giant Microsoft's ambitions in the field of mobile, perhaps outside speculation Surface Phone will likely become a reality.

wrote in the Patent Description: "in order to reduce and / or cover up the support structure of the screen panel visual effect, the patent provides exemplary screen display device, when the user's gaze screen panel edge of the support structure when using the bending or bending area directly to the light into the eyes of the user. In this way, when the user observes the panel area, the user may only see the information displayed on the screen panel". In other words, the user in the hinge section, you will see the actual screen display. Other more specific content Microsoft did not do too much description.

", though not every the patent will translate into actual products, but this patent shows that Microsoft is at least Surface Phone equipment manufacturing a similar idea. Interestingly, the patent is not just about the phone, but also includes large flat panel displays, as well as a number of modular products. The patent further shows that the company may try to make the hinge disappear, or at least make people feel it is not there.

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