Wang Sicong teaches you how to identify Green Tea bitch! youfulei

Net friend Wang Sicong green tea big event

juziyule· 2017-03-26 13:57:19

then what, micro-blog and a major event! Your husband is on a hot search!

"Wang Sicong identified Green Tea bitch" is what? Orange Jun hurriedly looked at the original thing is: the netizen sauce shener AIT on micro-blog Wang Sicong to answer a question: how to use techniques from the white lotus appearance identified Green Tea bitch heart?

ha ha ha good question!

then Wang Sicong also made a response to this user's question, the results attracted more than people gathered in!

" and is not the only female reading countless Crestron wit with one word answers this looks very complicated problem, and use of words especially simple coagulation practice... Yet people can not refute... He said... ↓ ↓ ↓

" feeling many money to seek the truth of friends, not only is the truth hit also went by too much dazzle flash blind, my baby!

" not only that he had sent a micro-blog to explain his views on the problem, and that all proceeds will be donated to the answer about the charity ~

"the netizen said, the money Crestron mind really is not covered, casually earn twenty thousand also not difficult... People after all is the son of the richest man, his father earned one hundred million of all small target...

"but not to throw money minded said Wang Sicong, is really on this issue is the right answer, after all those years for the female baby A friend in hand can also be around his home for a week.

people around every two or three days for a while is a face... It's orange is basically a gentleman is not clear before the

" to build their own broadcast platform show "Hello goddess", personally when the jury the beauty! Presumably through the program to see the girl's skills and a lot of progress.

" so that the students can skillfully cooked yesterday looks really is the practice that comes!

but the last sentence for girls, who is the most intuitive what was Green Tea quasi

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