The fear of entrepreneurs behind the stabbing of the insult


caixinwang· 2017-03-26 16:28:19

in the face of debt, no bankruptcy protection, small business owners, there is no place to flee, loss of dignity, even no personal security dilemma can not ignore the

reporter Zhang Fan (Caixin view channel editor)

insults, slapping, shoes Wuzui, after 11 Dunning people an hour long insult, Du Zhihao under the pants, with extreme means when Su Yinxia insult son Su Yinxia in Huan's face.

3 23 "Southern Weekend" a "disgrace" reported stabbed mother, just like the current Hongkong gangster film underworld scene alive was usury out -- ifheavier. So, the son of Yu Huan got up, &hellip with a fruit knife to press … violence;

2017 in February 17th, Shandong Province, Liaocheng City Intermediate People's Court of First Instance sentenced to intentional injury to life imprisonment. The court's decision to further tear social consensus, causing uproar. At the same time, the number of parties involved to show the folk financial ecology, industrial ecology, social ecology, ecological law is alarming.

reports from the point of view, Su Yinxia is not only a loan shark, but also another suspicion of illegal deposits from the public was taken away by the police. A brake of small enterprises into usury, illegal fund-raising and debt quagmire, by violence and insult, this situation is not the case. Increase the Chinese financial industry

2016 value accounted for the proportion of GDP reached 8.3%, behind the financial development, has just exposed the alleged fraud and liabilities 12 billion yuan -130 Huishan, more numerous Su Yinxia. On the one hand is not a large enterprise debt, creditors helpless; on the other hand is a small business owners to repay the debt has been humiliated. Lack of basic bankruptcy protection system, the comparison is particularly tragic. The number of

Su Yinxia's debt is not high, the Wu Xuezhan borrowings amounted to 1 million 350 thousand yuan, the monthly interest rate of 10%. In the repayment of 1 million 840 thousand yuan, and a set of 140 square meters to 700 thousand of the value of the repossessed house, still remaining 170 thousand arrears "company it is not on the … … indeed, due to poor management and try to usury such loans, is tantamount to doing, not worthy of sympathy and imitation, but in first-tier cities one square metre real estate prices are approaching one hundred thousand of the moment, a small business owner Chinese people because 170 thousand yuan was abused, it really makes people sigh.

do business have earned lose, China's business owners often can not afford to pay. Lack of bankruptcy protection system, resulting in the process of operation, once the capital chain rupture, insolvent mismanagement, not according to the bankruptcy exemption, only bankrupt even father son subordinated debt of a road, and then to stage a comeback. In this case, it is also difficult to solve the urgent needs of usury.

the debtor is not protected and the creditor is not all powerful. Under the objective environment of the economic downturn, many companies are facing a deteriorating debt environment, showing a growing debt involved, the payment period is longer and longer, less cash back issues. Some creditors even through legal means to win the verdict, and ultimately only to receive a white. The absence of bankruptcy system, so that the interests of many creditors can not be timely protection. Inadequate supply of

legal system, the soil becomes violent collection. Originally the debt relation in the reality into not you die I live battle. Normal lending does not dare to play, the triad usury to fill the market demand, the vicious circle began. The deterioration of

business environment, staged underworld means "not even law enforcement". In this case, the face of a variety of insults, dun threatening personal and property safety act, even if the police came to the scene, but also show only to account, but can not hit "position.

in the face of violent debt, no bankruptcy protection, business owners no escape, no dignity, not even the personal safety of the dilemma can not be ignored. Su Yinxia's numerous industrial country, constitutes a tiny cell China the most dynamic economies, although the normal but because there is no The new supersedes the old., if an effective legal protection and regeneration mechanism, and a batch of non normal die, the whole economy and how can the body healthy? -

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