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5 from 4 to May 15th, the heroes Union (abbreviation: LOL) in the 2016 quarter of the championship will be lit in May 4th in Shanghai Oriental Sports center. "Content img P" >

figure 1:2016 season championship



2016 season tournament tickets in crown race season >>

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figure 2:LPL ticket sales" on behalf of

hot image division For sale, on behalf of the people of the 2016 season in the championship is full of infinite expectations, and this is the 2013 "Heroes union" All Star game, the second time in Shanghai, "the League of heroes" international events. Comparing the wound, China "hero alliance" today's development has stepped on a new level, more Summoner joined the summon for division of the canyon, summoners of League of Legends of international competition and the team's attention degree is increasing year by year. At this time last year, EDG clan representatives LPL division successfully won the title, and at this time of the year RNG team will represent LPL division battle arena!

Figure 3: LPL division representative team RNG

champions Royal naver Giveup "in the playoff final Lectra EDG, May 4, they will be in Shanghai at home against the warlords. This is the "hero alliance" gaming players is no stranger is Huanran a new team, now the championship team, who led the team won 14 years world championship auxiliary Mata carrying the teammate looper dash, brilliant commander command tower talent legendary; wild MLXG highly offensive capability; domestic double C Xiaohu and wuxx is through the final performance proved the win their exuberant heart. In the rain Qizhong spring battle at the end of the night that Lck champions have followed, lead the faker of SKT once again reached the world arena, the season games gold medal is they won the Grand Slam last piece of the puzzle; Europe and the United States the new crown in winning the war hit domineering; LMS Division of young pups already grew up, re emergence of Europe and the United States of the pack, South Korea is still strong, LMS Division also showed strong competitiveness, this stage will be staged drama makes gaming enthusiasts is full of expectations. Champion

4:2015 season tournament scene

season tournament in May will be fighting, six crown forces battle of Pujiang! In the 2016 season season LPL division championship success defending home court battle? RNG clan will meet the five championship team how the state championship challenge? 2016 season ready for their own support division cheer! >>>

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"hero alliance" event center 5: sweep the two-dimensional code, understand the latest events about Tencent


Tencent, the world's leading game developers and operators, the country's largest online gaming community. With the intention to create happiness ideas, Tencent game by product segments in multiple areas of cultivation and build on four platforms, is committed to providing "trusted", "happy" and "professional" interactive entertainment experience for the players. < p > Tencent games, intention to create happiness!

on hero alliance

"hero alliance" (LOL) is developed by the American riot games, Tencent game operators of new heroes of war games. "Hero alliance" has a massive feature of hero, with convenient ladder matching mechanism, innovative talent tree Rune system. Lol since 2009 in Europe and the United States since listing, rapid in the global scope set off a national hero of war frenzy, in 2014 the official latest statistics, "hero alliance, while the highest number of players online breakthroughs 7.5 million, lol is with its sweeping global athletics charm leading MoBa of war gaming market segment to become the world's most popular electronic athletics game.

heroes Union, heroes go beyond!

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