The only child age of pain: we so love our children, they love us?

Love pain only children children

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with the child is now more and more children are becoming more and more important position in the hearts of parents, anxious to give them all the love, therefore resulting in polarization, no matter for whatever reason, children should respect their parents, filial piety.

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" this generation is subjected to damage with child age:

2016 years later in October 4th nine, the National Day holiday for fourth days, at a famous university in Guangzhou an old friend on the phone and broke down in tears, spoke for a long time to figure out what was going on: the morning of October 1st, the couple take the high-speed rail to Nanjing, visit Chinese enrolled in the Department of Nanjing University's daughter. Prepare to go a lot of her favorite snacks for her daughter, for example, what the tart yogurt, is going to give her a surprise. Did not expect to meet after it and got a : daughter not only a little surprise, but belly full of grievances, why not blame the parents after she agreed to go to Nanjing, to her great respect.

mom said we miss the baby daughter, but her daughter said every day WeChat, what good, your feelings are too flooding. Dad said his mother for the first time to Nanjing, called her daughter to go around, the daughter replied and said about the students, to go to Suzhou to play, let mom and dad to play, and then hurry to go...... The couple in Nanjing turned a day, the more I think the more the taste, simply high-speed rail return to Guangzhou. I asked an old friend on the phone: ", you said I did wrong? I don't know how to answer......

today I from Taiyuan back to Foshan, originally wanted to and home to meet old classmate, also do the honors, did not think the situation is almost the same: their daughter in September this year has just been admitted to Guangzhou University, National Day made a special trip to Guangzhou to accompany her. My daughter did not appreciate, simply playing mobile phone, want to go to the dormitory to see, nor in. Why is it so cold, her daughter said that is a generation gap, two is always criticized her father. see friends with thinking back, disagreeable conversation, thought her daughter became excited, immediately into the Ctrip help he booked a train ticket home...... Old friends said: now children and our generation is different, when we read, there is a family to visit how happy ah. He shed tears, I shed tears......


" Wang Feng in the "existence" in singing, I fully understand: tonight,

, but like many people in love with many people from

with a smile is full of tears

who know where we go

who understand life what is

is a pretext to live


how can I keep on anger there......


" a few years ago I went to the Harvard University academic exchange, Fei Zhengqing Research Center found that scholars in the study of a topic: how to deal with the future Chinese? I asked why to study this problem, the American scholar said: after 30 years of human history, will usher in a country consisting of only children, but this country is not a small country, they will how to get along with the world? Is this gospel or disaster? American scholars must plan for world research. I now understand the American vision......

I made a WeChat, did not expect a stone Melaleuca stirred up, a lot of friends have been discussing and full text forwarding, reading up to about 200000 people, there are more than 1 thousand and 500 comments.

a Foshan mother sent messages from the United States in particular moved me. She wrote:

dragon teacher good! A few of my friends in Foshan are forwarding your article on the only child of the WeChat, I read while weeping. The experience of your two friends I sympathize with, just bored in my heart never say. To tell you the truth, I have a lot of pain.

I was a single mother of 38 years old is alone with her 8 year old daughter's life, not to say a lot of women also bear bitter hardships, has not experienced the sour. In order to let her daughter from the influence of his father, I love her with all the love to grow up.

daughter from Foshan to nine in Foshan, the results are very good, is the standard school tyrants. College entrance examination in Foshan, the top 5 were admitted to the Tsinghua University nuclear physics, after graduation and admitted to the University of Chicago, after graduation in the United States engaged in research work.

my son-in-law is also Shanghai school tyrants, older, it is already a professor of University of Chicago. They have a son of four years old, Shanghai's grandparents took care of the United States for two years, in June this year to return to Shanghai. One of the main reasons is my daughter and they are not good, often quarrel. Served as Shanghai cadres grandpa grandma go back with angry, said to the United States no longer suffer.

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