Hamburgers are not enough. McDonald's is selling hamburger sauce

McDonald's Hamburg grocery store not enough

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" in recent months, McDonald's Big Mac around to do a lot of things, they have now launched a big Mac related products: Big Mac sauce.

this week, Canada delicacy blogger Diana Chan to Grocery & Specialty Food exhibition; West Convention, painted with McDonald's logo and their classic burger sauce was found in the Kaf Henry S booth:

on the same day, McDonald's Canada twitter announced this spring, McDonald's will start to sell three hamburger sauce them at the grocery store: a big Mac, McChicken sauce and fillet-o-fish. After the announcement of the news, twitter, many people have expressed their excitement.

" but McDonald's Canada spokesman Adam Grachnik did not disclose more details, but said: "after the sale, Canadians can experience their love, the world famous sauce at home". On twitter, it was also asked whether the hamburger sauce will be sold in the United States and the introduction of other McDonald's products will not be sold, but McDonald's McDonald's did not respond positively.

Canada seems to love a big Mac, before people had specifically asked McDonald's Big Mac is how to do it in Canada, McDonald's has made a video to teach consumers how to do their own Big Mac at home.

in fact, this is not the first time McDonald's Big Mac sauce made a single product.

2015 February, Australia became the first country to sell a big Mac sauce in. McDonald's 950 stores in Australia to launch a large volume of a large sample of 25 ml of sauce, and then they also do a monopoly of the Big Mac sauce vending machines, the Australian National tour. McDonald's sold more than 4 thousand bottles of sauce.

at the beginning of this year, McDonald's stores in the United States to distribute ten thousand bottles of Big Mac sauce, so that consumers using iMessage small program to find sauces, to do publicity for the small giant they are promoting and giant giant.

Big Mac sauce is very popular, and now you can see someone selling high on eBay. However, the practice in Australia and the United States is more of a marketing, nor has it been going on. And this time in Canada, McDonald's chose to work with kraft Heinz, to get to the supermarket rather than their own stores to sell, can not help but think that McDonald's is not trying to open up new sources of income.

2014, McDonald's revenue fell 12.4%. Although the introduction of the fourth quarter of 2015 the day breakfast for McDonald's performance better, but the growth is not so obvious at the beginning of the month, this month, McDonald's has also announced the adjustment of the direction of the takeaway business as the focus of their.

2005-2016" McDonald's income

new product in Canada is perhaps McDonald's first try, but can they have to wait now officially launched, after all this sauce is what taste are also no one knows. Figure

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