[Brazil] Shengjin Pakistan Red Bull make points

Red Bull Brazil

zuqiumofang· 2017-03-27 04:32:52

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Pakistan a team in St Paul, of course, Corinthians strength, in the team in the game has integral way ahead, draw it lock top the group. The Brazil Red Bull ranked third in the B group, the distance from the top two teams have a difference of 3 points, and strive to return to the top team in order to qualify for the top two. The two teams from the Brazil game Red Bull stronger. The game Corinthians three players were drafted in the national team, the coach also revealed to a large area of rotation of the main players, this is an opportunity to rival Brazil Red Bull. SMG disc Corinthians to let a ball / ball half low water opening, for the relatively moderate, but lower plate let a ball high water, but the water level drop disc saturation on the Corinthians a serious lack of confidence in Europe; many companies have pulled his odds, the company will also win 1.36 main push to 1.56, pay increase. From the fundamentals and the disk, the game Corinthians difficult to wear disc, "color: SMG recommended to let the ball play: 1 and 0.

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[Brazil] Shengjin Pakistan Red Bull make points

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