"Large variety" era of mango heat: high viscosity high recognition reasoning variety "star detective" to net Yuzong 3

Detective blockbuster mango viscosity

shouxiyuleguan· 2017-03-27 04:35:53

2016 experienced a net comprehensive outbreak of the first year, 2017 is also known as the super network in the year of the birth of the phenomenon, in the network of comprehensive high quality "big era",   2017 the first network ensemble "Star 2" detective birth, this file contains comprehensive network mango gene with high reputation and powerful network Yuzong 3 times heat.

20 years either standing or "happy camp" super phenomenal super fast men and women, or lead the parent-child variety "where" Dad, the mango variety movement can create national heat.


as the first file reasoning Holmes reality show, on demand mango TV "star detective" after the release of first quarter over 900 million laid a comprehensive network dominance, not only repeatedly occupy the network hot topic and hot search list, is continuous the top network ensemble player list.


"detective" second star season broadcast to 07 case "terrorist nursery rhyme" conflict of 1 billion, in a week Wangzong airplay charts, becoming the only a week to break netcasting billion program. Watercress score 8.8 word of mouth is still strong, big star detective horror nursery rhymes frequently boarded micro-blog hot search, become a well deserved network overlord.


mango has innovative ideas, bring the natural gene as a "star detective" pure network variety growth, "Star" continuous network ensemble detective is behind the cicada overlord mango team powerful production strength and level of endorsement.

Gao Nianhe burning brain content tonality  


" star detective "season second of the biggest difficulty is" routine ", the resident guests He Jiong The first season, Sa Beining had become familiar with the program, the audience also tried to find out some rules, how to let the guests and the audience to keep the freshness of a test program, the production team self iteration break "".


Second Season "star detective" in order to seize the program model is no longer the freshness of the audience, in the script frequently making scenes contrary to expectation.


nursery rhyme", for example, the story of Agatha's mother-in-law roll tribute "and then there were none", "ID" next to pay tribute to the deadly, this two story unraveling at midnight "; the double train" at the start to bring a wave of climax who who killed reasoning; "2046" game player midway was killed, there have been new robot identity was broke, let the case go whirling, fascinating.


especially the latest broadcast of "terrorist" on the nursery volume, according to the writer revealed that nearly half of the script. From the eight dolls of the rendering of terror, to the eight kinds of personality is really enough to fight each other's brain.


"Star" in season second detective stories and strong reasoning, focusing on "integrity of stories" and "logic integrity, it is the story of the rigorous logic and strong rhythm strong conflict, which broadcast not only caused a lot of discussion topics, the program frequently look back has become a lot of the audience this strong interaction and homely food, high into the characteristic of a high viscosity to the audience, potentially prolong the retention rate and show the value of the long tail, nature can attract more" high viscosity users".

" half open "mode;

current network comprehensive program of the star depends on more and more high, but because the program itself on the star positioning, and plot People look pale and boring, let the current variety market homogenization serious

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