Nubian first new machine this year, in addition to a dual camera, as well as the built-in red circle of the pre fingerprint

Dual cameras Nubia red circle

jikezhixuan· 2017-03-27 04:37:01

in mobile phone camera function on Nubia, once is to take the most radical mobile phone manufacturers.

in early 2013 listed Nubia Z5, after it has achieved a measure of light and focus on the separation function, Nubia has launched a light draw the camera, star track mode, independent white balance, handheld camera stabilization, cloning many dazzling features. For those who like to toss the phone camera users, Nubia mobile phone has also been a great attraction.

from the beginning of last year, with the launch of HUAWEI P9, Mate 9, iPhone 7 Plus products, dual camera has become popular vocabulary but the mobile phone camera, mobile phone camera love toss the Nubia has been nothing, until today.

3 21, Nubia in the first domestic conference this year, released its first mobile phone equipped with dual camera Nubia M2, we take a look at this product.

red circle built-in pre - "box-sizing: style= fingerprint

compared to the previous product, the most obvious change of Nubia M2 in appearance is the fingerprint recognition from the back got positive (not press). Over the past few years of exploration, with HUAWEI, the two rear Nubia fingerprint "diehard powder" has turned to the front, the front is something to "fingerprint" rule.

but in the fingerprint recognition to the positive shift at the same time, Nubia M2 also "forced" continuation of the signs of the red circle design...... The fingerprint module box without any cause or reason a red circle, at first glance is very awkward...... If you can't accept this design, can consider the black color Nubia M2, visual sense of violation and will be slightly smaller.

in the box and the rear part, Nubia M2 with a full metal body one, two injection signal behind the middle 7 kind of two similar iPhone straight bend, posted on the way back ends. In the injection processing, metal surface sandblasting process, Nubia M2 also showed a relatively high level.

in addition, in the M2 box on both sides. Nubia CNC was used to cut a circle of light metal surface chamfer, the chamfering in ordinary champagne color and not too obvious, but in the black color, this two ring chamfer will be very attractive to the eye.

style= "box-sizing: dual camera

seen appearance, let's take a look at Nubia M2's core selling point: dual camera.

nubia P10

nubia M2 is used to compare the common parallel perturbation scheme, two pixel cameras were 13 million, sensor from SONY (model is IMX258), which is a RGB color sensor routine, the other one is to remove the Bayer filter black and white sensor, in order to obtain a higher signal-to-noise ratio. In addition to Nubia Q5 Plus, millet 5S Plus, HUAWEI P9 (after the Mate 9 and P10 upgrade black and white sensor pixels) and other products are also similar to the use of "RGB + black and white" symmetric dual photo solution.

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