Running notes: bring running shoes tour Dujiangyan experience Chengdu double Marathon

Dujiangyan marathon Chengdu running shoes

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3 19, the 2017 Chengdu marathon run lively double left. Marathon this year, the number of participants continued to hit a new high, is also said to be the largest half marathon and half horse race horse. The nearly thirty thousand participants, nearly one hundred thousand tourists flocked to Dujiangyan, Chengdu double marathon left with the first connecting the world cultural heritage and World Natural Heritage marathon, into the body in the landscape, natural wild Chengdu run group runners also involved, let us take shoes to travel, will enjoy the game as.


and Sohu running to travel together with


  running shoes to travel;


3; 19 October in Dujiangyan a lot of people less than 5 from the bed, the Dujiangyan city has nearly tens of thousands of people flying, all have high streets and back lanes outlandish costume, the sound to be hoarse roar.


8:302017 left Chengdu morning double marathon rainbow in Dujiangyan Phoenix Stadium Road intersection officially began! The rain xixilili constantly screaming with enthusiasm contrasts! With the previous biggest difference is the marathon tournament by district assembly, sub gun of the left double marathon has a history of milepost meaning, is also the first time such a large marathon taking the starting gun.


some people run marathons in order to enjoy the freedom to run freely; some people run marathons in order to challenge themselves; others, the marathon is to "concave" shape. Or funny, or imitation, or show how to build, how to take shape...... Any wind running in the air, the image can not be lost!


put on a pair of running shoes, taking the legs of

  running; freedom is the direction of the wind, chasing Dujiangyan beautiful scenery, the beautiful scenery is

into orbit...... Finish the race, run, we are the best!


is the "most beautiful track" said the horse, this year's track is still in Dujiangyan, Qingchengshan, Xiong Maogu series, Guanxian, Chengdu City South representative attractions, into the national treasure panda, Qingcheng Tai Chi Dujiangyan natural and cultural elements, we enjoy running at the same time, can also feel the "double the left" history and culture. In between the green mountains and rivers run freely at any time, the oncoming various scenes, Chengdu left double marathon as the culture, the ecology, the most easy to let players play the game. The track will treasure panda, ancient cross, Tai Chi and other heavy elements and the Dujiangyan cultural heritage into the track along the layout of the very elements of Chengdu panda, antique shows, Sichuan opera face, bands, small melodrama performances and characteristics of Dujiangyan snacks and crafts exhibition, from around the world run in to enjoy the game fun at the same time and feel the unique charm of world cultural heritage and world natural heritage, modern civilization experience Dujiangyan history culture and fashion.


South Beauty; fish mouth

the most beautiful landscape in fact is not only picturesque track, good atmosphere of national power city marathon in Dujiangyan City, has become the competition of "the most beautiful scenery of. The game, from the starting point to the end of more than 40 kilometers away from the Dujiangyan branch of the various departments, towns (streets) volunteers. They arrived at the scene earlier than the game player, but did not leave until the end of the game; they waiting for departure, witness the victory in the end point in the starting point; they cheer, handed the supply, to provide medical services for the players; they use the most enthusiastic, warm heart of the volunteer service, to support all of the contestants completed successfully the game. It is they, passing the city of Dujiangyan, "harmony, wisdom, innovation," the spirit of humanity and integrity, tolerance, enthusiasm, the city of temperament.

is running through the ancient and modern, people cheer


is the rainy day, but in between the green mountains and rivers run free breathing, running wantonly in the "natural oxygen bar", is worthy of the name of the wash trip; Xuanhua gate is the boundary of Dujiangyan old city, run into the Xuanhua gate, drum Sonata that flag fluttering, the gates open, like the ceremony into the city, if you through time and space back to ancient times; run into the Dujiangyan water conservancy project feishayan and fish mouth, in the world cultural heritage of the oncoming Han Dynasty dress "ancient", this antique tour let runners feel as if a generation had passed all; it is said that the horse players feel special local delicacy supplies in the last ten kilometers along the way; nearly 100 meters characteristic station also let all the runners brighten, people In the run, wine and dine is happy to enjoy the true meaning of life.

in 2016 has been rated as the most beautiful marathon medals are, this year's race medals again adorable. Sichuan is still the most qualified, the most popular endorsement - Panda, this time, MOE upgrade again. Each medal weighs 370 grams, 155.2 mm, 20 mm waist hip, excluded, powerful, grow up one year old horse medals can stand up!


finished medal


Commemorative Medal


half 2:00 bear

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Running notes: bring running shoes tour Dujiangyan experience Chengdu double...

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