Lei appeared in the middle of the night India airport was captured by friends

Lei Jun netizen India Airport

qudongzhijia· 2017-03-27 09:25:01

is a model known as Lei insiders, although net worth tens of billions of dollars, he still often working late into the night, eat lunch, sit in economy class. Previously, Lei Jun said in an interview, many entrepreneurs once done to some extent began to expand. live five star suites, sitting first class, which is why the rich generation of entrepreneurs tend to fail reason . "

, micro-blog users at midnight at Delhi Airport in India encounter Lei, and capture a back. from the chart, Lei Lei alone to Delhi, luggage is very simple, only a shoulder bag, can not see the slightest bit of gangster style, really surprised to .

millet, chairman of the special assistant @ Wei Tony comments below micro-blog, said: Wuli ray total".

then, general manager of India micro-blog @Manu millet Manniu drying out the photo of Lei Jun and Lei Jun, a T-shirt and jeans and sneakers, a relaxed.

" it is understood that the India local time on the afternoon of March 26th, met with Ambassador China Lei in India Luo Zhaohui in India, capital of New Delhi, will launch a week-long visit to India.


" here is to guess, Lei Jun millet in India second factory. Previously, he had on the drying out of India's prime minister Monet micro-blog millet second factory push screenshot. At that time, India's prime minister Modi said that the intelligent mobile phone manufacturers millet announced in India to open the second production workshop, this is to "promote India manufacturing".

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