U.S. media: the United States Navy "scattered" deterrent force discount effect

The U.S. Navy the U.S. media force US Naval Academy adjustment

· 2016-05-03 09:54:36

< p > < strong > reference news network may 2, reported UN American "national interest" bimonthly website on April 28, published on American foreign policy the Eurasian project a nonresident senior fellow Nikolas gvosdev is the United States Navy too scattered "article, translated as follows: < p < p > earlier this month, I have the pleasure of attending the United States Naval Academy alumni area will be a panel discussion, with the United States Navy analysis Michael Coffman research center of the and the United States senior military research institute Chris marsh together with a discussion of the strategic importance of the Black Sea region. After all, as the horse even pointed out that as part of the "The Belt and Road China overweeningly ambitious" plan aims to connect the Asia Pacific and Europe - the Atlantic - the geopolitical significance of the black sea now is much more important than the original.

at the same time, Coffman called attention to Russia from Crimea's new power projection capabilities. However, despite the us quite a waste of breath to request that the Black Sea occupy a more important position in the United States strategic considerations, but there are also people put forward the same with convincing reason to prove, why the United States needs to the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Arctic Ocean devote more attention and resources. < p > when they are unable to equipment and personnel from a region to teleport in another area, or the United States must be a substantial increase in defense and security spending to ensure it in the presence of all theater, and believe that the allies will ultimately respond to this challenge and to increase their spending to fill the vacancy, must either accept the risks in some areas. < p > but most likely is, the United States will continue to pursue in the past years of "amulet" policy: assuming the existing resources scattered in a long front to ensure that this nation has symbolic presence in the region, and this symbol existence will prove enough to discourage any challenger to take action. Of course, the problem here is that a small amount of U.S. military personnel and equipment enough to "fly the flag", but not enough to bring a decisive change in the strength of the local. < strong > several American warships could not participate in missile defense operations at the same time, deter Russia, intercepting migrants and prevent the security threat of proliferation, and few American ground forces actually can only act as a "sentinel tentative defence", if the line no backup, that its role will be further discount.

< p > in strategy has become a cliche is that U. S. must find a way to "rebalance" or "adjusted" in Europe, the Pacific and the Middle East theater obligations. However, this may cover an equally important question: how to adjust the United States obligations in each of them? < p > United States is unable to expect will be placed on the importance of a regional challenge other challenges, also do not have determine which a crisis are the most prescient could erupt at any time.

in a hurry removed from the crisis of the "stress" policy has not been applied to the United states. For the United States to develop a coherent set of policies, the only way is set out to determine which areas are most important for the security and interests of the United States -- and to our allies and partners showed that states in others unable to fulfil its obligations to fill the vacancy of the ability and willingness are on the decline.

in the post Cold War world, the United States has been accustomed to its full attention to the "local" crisis. Now is the time to take a more global approach to the more global attitudes that have been used as an American strategy to consider whether "one side is on the way" - a more flexible allocation of resources.


data pictures: as of the U.S. military base in 2005 overseas distribution map, red circle for U.S. military base location. (image from network)

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