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Comeback Annie Yi marriage Nicky Wu

nandouyulezhoukan· 2017-03-27 15:26:11

in recent years, with the baby reality show more and more popular. Even last year, Dad 4 only on the Internet, but also to maintain a high degree of topic. In addition to star dad, star moms are also relying on the show with the baby a fire.

Alyssa Chia in the film and television works to reduce the yield, concentrate on mothers. 2015 with a second child, but because the parent-child programs, small adorable baby does not does not come into thousands of households. A week ago,

", Alyssa Chia's third child daughter BOBO was born, is the confinement of Alyssa Chia is really cannot be in two places at once. However, the 48 year old Annie Yi Alyssa Chia to him, Taiwan media has begun to take a small grain of rice and small does not do

" in June last year, the 47 year old Annie Yi estate a woman, after six months of recovery, Annie Yi also re entered the audience. And she chose to return to reality show.

Annie Yi from the beginning of the second child to continue their own dynamic in micro-blog po. Have a sweet freaky side of

also has high maternal age sad

rice was born, Annie Yi tempted excitement, will soon have a rice photo Po out

" today, the pink chubby little meatball has been more and more lovely and wiser, the same routine, water star mother, many adorable baby. One can satisfy the audience's taste".

" broke the news that the millet recorded programs, also fell under the watchful eyes of the people in bed, Annie Yi was screaming, she said: "I am very elderly mother, that is physical. "

, although Annie Yi is 48 years old, but from the exposure of users she recorded programs when the look, style remains the same," super senior "signs are not obvious.

" Annie Yi recorded in the past, the program was often friends Tucao, accidentally was black on the. I wonder if she can jump out of this spell?

in addition to Annie Yi, Yasuo Ma also borrowed baby comeback. That year Yasuo Ma can be described as "derailed rumors" surrounded by

if there is no accident, it will be a divorce with her after the divorce in the presence of the strongest sense of entertainment, right? Nicky Wu?

Yasuo Ma fell in love with Nicky Wu in 2006, married in 2001, divorced in 2009, in. Yasuo Ma and Robert married in her hometown of Kunming in June 2010.

" Yasuo Ma marriage would fade the screen, a pair of mixed children Mia and Eden shape super suction eye, her rich handsome husband also rare formal exposure, two people almost heaven ~

white lotus years later came back, and I was so attractive?

" after "4" Dad, Andy Kyrgyzstan welcome. "Northeast Song Joong Ki not Langdexuming

"in Anji to participate in the program, the audience's voice is very high.

" this time, Hu He took the children playing in the … … young children are busy enough

Alyssa Chia as early as three before the birth of twins, her ex husband Sun Zhihao also hinted at Alyssa Chia borrowed daughter speculation caused a hot debate.

" according to the logic of Sun Zhihao, the star of these children to participate in the reality show, the sun as adorable baby star in micro-blog, there is all the hype?

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