Baby into plastic template! Silly not clear

Plastic surgery template Huang Xiaoming

beiqingwang· 2017-03-27 15:26:26

" actress Angelababy like the doll like appearance, has been affected by many women envy, but also many of the girls in the eyes of the integer model".

model Hyemoo Kang is the South Korean media broke the news, in order to become whole and Angelababy, spend a million dollars.

" in addition to the Korean model, many domestic network are all red Baby. Previously, a network of red beauty hit the face of the face to find out the true baby popular network. In the picture, the red beauty pure girl, with big eyes and bushy eyes together, it was really hard to identify.

" a lot of beauty is through the whole human Baby counter attack life, gradually become red powder network big V, open fishing gold shop. Users see the picture after the answer is different, said: too difficult, simply can not find out, do not think which is not, really embarrassing! See my eyes are spent, let Huang Xiaoming recognize".


this mouth slightly up baby, not Angelababy.

this skin white beauty, nor baby.

this is not … …

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