Huang Yi to her daughter to do food Huang Yiqing: Qingming sacrifice

Cate Huang Yi daughter

beiqingwang· 2017-03-27 16:38:44

Huang Yihe

Huang Yi is the reincarnation of the Muslim friends, from divorce so far has been more than three years, in order to custody, visitation rights still Gesanchaiwu tear force, Huang Yi's ex husband Huang Yiqing is wonderful as the former, two rich generation, Huang Yi's ex husband Huang Yi is wise to repay, daughter is full of love but once clang, involving Huang Yi. Huang Yiqing seems to immediately change, from time to time in the micro-blog "hand tore his ex-wife.".

3" on Sept. 27, Huang Yi Sun micro-blog cooking, "to do something like treasure", to the daughter of clang pastry, craft is good, full of love. Unexpectedly, her ex husband Huang Yiqing immediately tore open, posting said: "take a Tomb-sweeping Day tribute, is said to give their children to do the … … … when I was a child I thought Tomb-sweeping Day tribute is for the death of family, may I have the wrong number …"

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" yiyanbuge open tear, netizens commented: "how can

say the child's mother"

"you wicked"

"but your mouth is not really getting ah! Forget each other, after all, once in love. "

" is simply a bit too much of a "

" is not really kind of "

" you are cursing his daughter? "

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