8 years ago, the human debt debt compensation shock, now understand

The slaves kept woman noble years ago.

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only rise in the world does not fall blue chip stocks exist? Well, weight, and house prices. The latest round of market regulation and control, and how many people's first payment, a night to buy a toilet to depreciate.

looked back at the famous house that Guo Haiping 8 years ago, that is extremely accurate: we are now out of the housing, after the house is carrying us.

" is the main female TV drama Hai Ping "dwelling", an attempt to use a suite of definition of the ideal of life, is the ideal hit a blood pseudo youth struggle. Although compared with her sister Guo Haizao kept woman, weaken the sense of a big cut, but my sister, her husband, her daughter, and even David Beckham, these are the ants, or light or heavy for her dream house buried alone. The

house is behind the burning fuse, is human nature and desire, is the taste of dream.

" of course, the beginning of the story is inspirational to a county girl unwilling home at ease but at a glance at the end of the day, and her husband live in big city dogs in a corner of the attic rental, a false hopes it is their placebo, eat much bitter, bite the bullet can laugh.

this is a what kind of living environment? Shared kitchen toilet is not to say, the room is not the noise upstairs, jumping around a few times to feel the whole building to collapse, especially the neighbors are a bunch of eat low, squeeze in the bottom of city people. During the day, Hai Ping is in front of the computer strikes the white-collar workers, night will be reduced to a part-time woman who used the marketplace because one oil quarrel.

Ping Ping mother said that early move out of the house, where the hearts of the narrow chest, are forced out of a small house.

" id_imagebox_3, that is, mother personally inserted in her daughter's flag perview_img_p. For a long time can not achieve the "buy out" Hai Ping, what was the whole building "contagious, difficult start appearing nervous in public", but also in a calm mood against aunt aunt later, can gengzhuobozi street.

scolded, closed the door and I play jour, a brand-name college students, live as laid-off workers, they have ten square meters, what I have!

" and they look down on people every day every day by his grudge, look down on people underfoot, this one's life, is to boil a suite.

this suite, magic boundless. The Sea Ping down to the bottom of the flow is only the beginning, gradually, as well as the original struggle to get out of the pack to do the vitality of life, has been squeezed only a layer of skin. Because everything, to "save money" as the criterion.

save money, so reluctant to buy food to eat noodles every day, husband no smoking, phone to save time to work with the phone in a sneaky way unit … … the most sad, is to give in the home when the left-behind children's daughter telephoned, long, think words can only be Qiazhao finished within three minutes.

"later, want my daughter to have depression" Hai Ping, consult with husband, parents to buy a computer, and then loaded on the camera, so can see her daughter, and don't worry about the time. Her husband immediately refuted, a computer is equivalent to half a square meter of money, the old man will not be used, and finally did not become furnishings?

" in the Sea Ping home, the dream is not real than the big house, has been converted into a computer, a three minute telephone, a dinner, a pack of ten dollars of smoke, saved them from the house, seems to be a step closer, but save them, you can save a set of tens of millions of houses?

house is certainly not out of the province, on the contrary, people and life, by this increasingly deformed desire to hold, DC down.

actually just got married in that moment, the Sea Ping can make a small room. Then a child, the room must be changed. Big pick to choose and decide, can not live with someone else's taste of the house, so second-hand housing, as long as the new premises. Thinking, anyway, is to buy, it must buy a good.

a set of hundreds of square meters, but also a good new house, the Sea Ping a, has far exceeded the affordability. Husband half jokingly said that her words are not false, is vanity.

in order to feed this vanity, Hai Ping himself into an open hanging technical coffee. What is the search for child care, which houses a problem, a

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